Microscopes are used to see things which cannot

by:Sinowon     2020-06-08
Student microscopes are commonly used in schools, homes and are less expensive. They are capable of sophisticated techniques and documentation. Benchtop microscopes are normally used in various animal husbandry and textiles industries. Benchtop microscopes can do many techniques, however they are limited by the amount of techniques they can be used for at one time. The research microscopes are large and also very expensive. They are normally used for advance research. The weight normally varies from 30 Kg to 50 Kg. The magnification power of biological microscopes is very high. It comes in many types of eyepiece styles which include monocular, binocular, trinocular or dual head. A monocular eyepiece has only one objective and one body tube for monocular vision. Binocular microscopes are normally incorporated with double eyepieces for vision with both eyes. The purpose of dividing the same image from a single objective of the usual compound microscope is to lessen eyestrain and muscular fatigue, which may result from monocular. Trinocular microscopes are incorporated with a vertical tube at the top and regular binocular eyepieces at 30 degrees. The vertical tube is normally used for a digital camera. A dual head has one vertical eyepiece lens and a second eyepiece off the side at 45 degrees. Stero microscopes are generally known as Dissection microscopes that basically focus on a same point of a specimen from different positions, giving a three-dimensional view. With the presence of 2 sets of lenses it can magnify an object 100 to 150 times. However stero microscope are unable to view the smallest living organisms, bacteria because it do not have specific optics to get contrast to focus on them, as well as to measure them.
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