Modern Measuring Instruments

by:Sinowon     2019-12-17
Many aspects of life can be measured by weight, length and distance.Some measurement methods are intangible, but most are tangible and standardized.The measuring instrument was originally a simple manual machine, but the modern version can be electronically and operated without continuous human observation.
These tools become faster, more efficient, and more accurate, and expand the list of things that can be measured.Weather instruments can measure information on temperature, wind speed and humidity.A modern thermometer that does not use mercury to measure air temperature;Electronic reading is accurate.
The modern anemometer measures wind speed digitally.They also have the ability to measure the wind direction, initially with a weathervane.Meteorological Satellite is a modern measuring instrument, which cannot be used by the public due to its complex and powerful functions.
They operate around the Earth to obtain overall climate readings as well as readings in specific areas.Weight is the measurement of gravity on an object.The first batch of weight measurement tools are usually beam scales.
Modern weight measuring instruments vary from use to use.A basic scale measures a person\'s weight.It can be either digital or manual.Weighing hooks are used the same, but they weigh objects that are too big to fit on the scale.They are useful for many businesses and organizations that often weigh a lot of inventory.
The measuring ruler is one of the earliest methods to measure the distance.Modern instruments for measuring distances can be either digital or manual.Industries related to construction or construction can use laser changers.
They measure the distance without physical contact with the object.Odometer is another modern measuring instrument for measuring the distance of the vehicle.The device measures the amount of radiation to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful radiation for a long time.
Usually no instrument for measuring radiation is found in the store.They are usually developed for government organizations and industries dealing with objects that release radiation.Beta radiation detectors measure the amount of beta radiation in the air.
Some substances used in the medical field can emit beta radiation.The dosimeter is another instrument for measuring radiation.The dose meter measures a person\'s radiation exposure over a period of time, so the results are not immediate.
A dose meter can be installed on clothes or skin
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