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by:Sinowon     2020-01-01
In the May 1997 magazine, we introduced our first infrared thermometer (IRT). The Raytek[R]Raynger (
RAYST2X ST series)featured an 8-to-1 distance-to-spot ratio.
There\'s no alaser-
Aiming device and minimum/maximum temperature-
Read function, the unit is a basic ,-no-
Exquisite decoration
Downward model: simple, cheap, sturdy and efficient.
Since then, we have become very skilled in its use and have found many other temperature applications.
Measure this type of equipment in our respective institutions and local health practices.
Our original unitis is still strong and has no problems other than the occasional need to routinely replace the battery.
In fact, hand-held infrared thermometers are the most valuable instrument in our arsenalof environmental health screening tool.
We also have the opportunity to evaluate two DeltaTRAK [R]
Model: basic 15003, the latest model is 15007, it features 0. 1 [degrees]resolution.
Both models have lasers.
The Aimingdevice comes with many other features.
We will tell you more about these units in our column next month.
At this year\'s annual Education ConferenceAEC)
At Las Vegas, we talked to many of you about hand-held infrared thermometers.
We are pleased with the overall interest generated by these units, but are surprised by the different opinions on their utility.
From heavenly praise to absolute slander, we hear everything as if the urts were good people.
So for those of you who don\'t like IRT and yetundecided, we would like to give a brief introduction to the benefits we have gained from working with these units over the past year.
First of all, don\'t throw away your dial and temperature
Standard thermometer.
The infrared unit is just a quick screening tool-
It\'s not a regulatory device.
Although it may require many non-contact surfaces
For temperature measurement in a very short period of time, you still need a calibrated dial thermometer to verify the temperature on thec, as well as the internal temperature of baking, chicken, salad, etc.
However, IRT is a great tool for checking the surface temperature of steam tables, buffets, salad bars, Bain food
Maries, stock tanks or any preparation and service containers that require multiple temperature measurements.
To check the liquid, such as gravy or gravy, just stir or stir the contents before measuring.
We also found that IRT is useful for quickly monitoring the ambient temperature of any area or anything, especially where multiple and remote measurements are required.
Accuracy of infrared temperature-
The measuring device we tested is accurate in the range of 1% or 3 [degrees]F (2 [degrees]C)
More importantly
All the equipment has been calibrated by the factory, but we still advocate two
Point temperature verification check ([approximately]45[degrees]F and [approximately]140 [degrees]F)
When you calibrate the temperature of your dial
Raytekoffers National Institute of Standards and Technology, if accuracy needs to be verified (NIST)
Whether it\'s a new purchase or a post-event certification, a nominal fee is required.
Do not touch the silicon lens to ensure the accuracy of your device.
Develop the habit of regularly cleaning the lens with a camera lens blower or lens pen (
Most sporting goods stores have).
Wipe the lens carefully with the lens if necessary-
Clean cloth and solution.
IRT works like a flashlight shines on a wall.
When you leave the wall, the light spot of the flashlight will get bigger, and the light spot will become smaller when you are close.
IRT\'s vision (FOV)
Work in the same way.
Expressed as the ratio of distance to spot diameter.
Because of the temperature within the IRT mean point, the point must not be greater than the target object for accurate measurement.
Using units with a high FOV ratio, you can measure smaller points at a larger distance.
We find that this is an advantage in our institutional practice, in which
Temperature measurement is usually necessary.
Most of the units we are familiar with have FOVs from 8 to 1 or 10 to 1. A 33-to-
1 IRT, can be measured 1. 1-
From the inch position 3 miles away, it is now available from DeltaTRAK.
A problem with the temperature shock IRT, which caught many of us off guard.
If your app takes your thermometer from one extreme temperature to another (
General difference 20 [degrees]F)
, Reading may be unstable.
It\'s a good idea to leave your unit in the most commonly used environment for about 20 minutes (
But not below freezing! ).
We also found that we could point and shoot the DeltaTRAK unit and walk from the hot kitchen --
If the thermometer is protected in the padded housing, it is in the refrigerator without thermal shock.
However, even with this insulation, we only recommend short exposure.
Since IRT only measures the surface temperature, you need to adjust the reflectivity when measuring the surface (such as shiny metal.
There are two quick ways to do this: for thermal measurements, cover the surface with a stick cooking spray before reading the reading.
On a cold surface, place a small piece of masking tape on a metal surface and measure the spot.
Also, keep in mind that the infrared sensor does not detect the temperature through a glass or plastic film, but instead measures the surface temperature of the glass or film.
The targeting device on most IRTs is FDA-
Approved L2 coaxial laser.
It\'s actually weaker and safer than most pens.
Type the laser indicator, but it\'s still not a good idea to target the laser device to anyone.
Like all on-site electronic devices, the IRTs we evaluated are very strong and can withstand a certain degree of punishment.
They do, however, have limitations.
Our best advice is to buy a case to carry with you.
The optical elements are particularly sensitive and should be protected whenever the device is not in use.
To clean the outside of the equipment, wipe it with a slightly soaked rag with a disinfectant solution.
The biggest feature of the DeltaTRAK suitcase is that it protects IRT even in the use of the equipment, so IRT remains clean.
If you work in a clean place
The environment of the room and the need to clean the case, be cleaned regularly with other delicate fabrics, and allow it to air dry may damage the viewing window.
At this year\'s AEC, we had the privilege of attending a meeting of an Underwriters Lab Working Group that will develop performance requirements for certification of these devices.
Some of the issues discussed are accuracy; safety (
Especially laseraiming devices); ergonomics; durability;
And, to a lesser extent, clean.
The delegates of Raytek and DeltaTRAK provided valuable input.
Most importantly, these delegates pass us some of the questions expressed by field practitioners who use their t equipment like you.
As welearn, we will keep you updated on any new developments.
If you would like to learn more about Raytek and DeltaTRAK units, both companies have excellent literature.
Contacts, addresses, phone numbers, and websites are listed below.
Science address: P. O.
CA 398 Pleasanton 94566 boxes of telephone :(510)467-5940 or (800)962-6776 Fax: (510)467-5949 E-
Mail: sales info @ deltatrak
Contact: Bob YuanRaytek Company address: P. O.
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