Most of us are aware of the GBIC transceiver.

by:Sinowon     2020-06-28
Today, the fiber optic network is an advanced methodology and technology. Its brilliance allows transferring a signal through the laser that is in turn reflected by the edges of a microscopic tube. In order to have a smooth operation we require an optical transceiver. Simply put, a transceiver is a technical blend of receiver and transformer. There have been certain developments in this field of transceiver and optical fiber. GBIC is hot pluggable and that makes it easy to install and is flexible in nature. It is one of the most essential factors for optical transceivers. Furthermore, it is also capable to support a wide range of physical media for example, from the legacy copper to long wave single mode fiber and up to numerous kilometers. Users can decide to opt in for a new type of optical fiber. Over here an individual transceiver is assigned to manage the new optical fiber. At the same time, users can also install multiple kinds of Ethernet cable and fresh one can substitute a single transceiver. It is a fact that, a transceiver will always have the capacity to manage a specific fiber kind and a separate electronically connector kind. Today, eminent service providers of GBIC transceiver also specialize in Cisco SFPand Cisco transceivers, along with GBIC product variants and solutions. They also supply OEM compatible transceivers and provide customized solutions to their clients for any kind of advanced needs. During the manufacturing stage, these organizations try and eliminate most wasteful practices. Therefore, apart from catering and benefiting, they also work towards a healthy environment.
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