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by:Sinowon     2020-07-08
In business I need to improve presentation and ramp adwords. In art there are issues with my direction, which is driving me to want to move again, and I need more money to dedicate to it, for equipment and mastering. With girls, it's come back to video and art again because I've realised I don't think I can fake it anymore. Those myspace days are gone. It's all or nothing. In art, I need to think ahead: what if I did have the product, Dojo Inspectors or the Microscope planned for winter. Oh wait, no website no Cheap Graphic Design to Websites and Cheap Graphic Design of websites we are developing, again, big deal! That's becoming a big issue, it makes me think it doesn't matter what it is, it just has to be done. I lost track of my accounts, I was slack, I knew it was bad so I waited to bounce back, ready for the worst case scenario. And it was the worst case, which means I'm no longer ready for a second worst case. But the money will flow, I'll do my presentation improvement, improve my web design and sort my taxes out. Where will the money come from? Well that's why we've set our goals where they are so we can sort out this mess. I'll need to pay off taxes, parking tickets and pay for the improved design work that I need, and the money I need for my music. $200 p/week for tax and tickets, at least $500 all up for design and ongoing $1500 injections into music quarterly. I guess that can be covered as business costs but still. We'll need a couple of hundred here and there each week to sort out these outstanding issues.Then all my takes and parking fines will be paid off and I'll be ready to be on top of my taxes. My sites will look better and I think will perform 10% better. That's kind of what makes it a priority. The priority is going to sort out my taxes and getting new cheap graphic design work underway after reeling in my odesk spending, so now i've got to think about where the money is coming from right now.But once all my taxes are sorted and my sites all look good I want have to worry, there'll be something new to worry about on another level but I should never discount the fact that each challenge overcome is a step. Paying my taxes, my tickets, getting my sites looking good is something i've never done until now. I can be confident in new directions in money and art once each of these things is crossed off the list, leaving video as the last big challenge. It's definitely time to write again because I'm getting kind of fugged up in all areas so inevitability it's required I do a quick life check just to reveal that despite whatevers happen priorities remain the same. Whatever had to be done, most likely still has to be done, it's just if you haven't focused on it for a few weeks it's easy to loose track, but also, once again, a lot of stuff has built up that has to be dealt with. New data will be examined but I think I know the story by now, no matter how hard I think about it, the same stuff has to be addressed.
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