new 3d printed microscope lets kids play microbiology

by:Sinowon     2020-04-26
With the help of the new 3D printing microscope, playing with microorganisms becomes exciting.
Play classic video games like Pac
Men living alone
Thanks to the interactive microscope developed by bioengineers at Stanford University, cell microbes are now possible to be thinner than human hair.
After several prototypes, researchers released a \"LudusScope\" blueprint earlier this month in the International Journal of Science, plos one, providing children of all ages with an entry into the microbial world
\"This is a microscope that can be printed and built in 3D,\" says Ingmar Riedel . \"
Kruse, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, told Reuters.
Small and light after assembly
Responsive creatures known as Euglena swim on microscope slides surrounded by four LED lights.
The lights are controlled by the joystick, allowing the user to control the direction in which the microorganisms move.
\"You turn what is pure observation into something interactive,\" Riddle-Kruse said.
The last component is a smartphone that connects to the eyepiece of the device, transforming it from a simple interactive microscope to a basic gaming platform and research tool.
Scientists at Palo Alto
American-based universities have developed software programs that cover the top of the cell image.
By selecting specific cells, users can influence their movements and guide them through a maze similar to the 1980 video game PacMan.
Children can also play football by guiding microorganisms through the goal.
According to Riddle, the Olympics
Development-based research.
\"You can select a cell, track it, collect data about it, and then you can analyze and discuss,\" Riddle-Kruse said.
\"You can really do simple research in an educational environment.
\"With a publicly released plan, a LudusScope can now be set up by anyone, but Riedel-
Kruse says the assembly is complicated.
He plans to further develop the microscope into a ready-made microscope using recent grantsto-
Use the science kit he wants to go public in 2018.
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