Norman Rockwell can be considered one of the more

by:Sinowon     2020-07-12
Rockwell started his career in a similar way to Andy Warhol in that his early commercial roles helped him to hone his skills as well as building up a reputation slowly but surely. Rockwell worked for a newspaper to provide illustrations for many years and it was here that his fan base would start to grow, drawn in by his charming art which covered scenes of American life that ordinary people could relate to and enjoy. Famous work by this artist included The Rookie, No Swimming, Santa with Elves, Freedom from Fear, Rosie the Riveter, Going and Coming, Doctor and Doll, The Four Freedoms, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Want, Bottom of the Sixth, Saying Grace, The Young Lady with the Shiner, Girl at Mirror, Breaking Home Ties and The Marriage License. There are hundreds more to see from someone who constantly found inspiration for his work from all manner of different topics which he came across in American society at that time. The artist is seen as highly productive and this mentality was probably born out of his early days where he was employed commercially with standard office hours that the rest of us have to adhere to. This continued throughout his career, even having forged a path by himself later on. During his prolonged career this artist tackled a wide range of social topics which he felt inspiration from and as his career progressed he gained enough confidence to cover potentially sensitive items that others would have been too scared to do. Definitely check out more on artist Norman Rockwell when you next get the chance as many Americans see him as a highly talented and innovative artist who was very much in touch with the common man. There is a lot to see both online and also in publication.
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