by:Sinowon     2021-01-12

For those business owners looking for a professional email list manager that is written in php code, then Mail Machine Pro is the solution for you. With this innovative marketing services, you can setup an unlimited number of lists and subscribers, allow multiple administrators to monitor the campaigns and information for your lists, personalize newsletters and emails by entering personal data, and so much more.

Mail Machine Pro doesn't require a subscription, so regardless of how many subscribers you have or how many emails or newsletters you send out, you will only pay one low price. This is a great option for small businesses that operate using one domain and on one server yet need to continually send out autoresponders to attract and maintain interest in their business.


Basically, everything that a small business owner requires to manage their email lists and produce and send out exceptional email and autoresponder campaigns can be found with Mail Machine Pro. You can setup multiple users so that anyone within your business who needs to access the administrative functions, compose and send emails, can do so without hassle.

To ensure more accurate subscriptions from your potential client base, there is a double opt-in/opt-out feature which can be quite useful when you don't want to target the wrong base of customers due to inaccurate or inconclusive subscription entries.

Fantastic tracking features give you full control over managing content as well as structuring future email marketing campaigns to generate the highest number of click-throughs and sales. Tracking features that allow you, the business owner, to manage the information you receive maximize the usability of these features, and Mail Machine Pro allows you that level of control.


The one major limitation of Mail Machine Pro that is worth noting is the format in which it operates. Since it is written in php and is a script intended to be hosted on a server, then installation will be necessary by the user. The instructions appear to be straightforward, but depending on the programming language of the server, it can intimidate a lot of people.

While this isn't a major concern, it can be troublesome for certain business owners who prefer to maintain control through a web-based service.

Overall Summary

Mail Machine Pro comes in at such a low price that if your business plans on sending out many email campaigns in the future, it pays for itself rather quickly. We like the ability to allow multiple users to manage the account as this removes the sole burden from the business owner are administrator. For the price, Mail Machine Pro is a great asset for any Internet-based business.

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