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by:Sinowon     2020-07-14
In the true entrepreneurial spirit, the optics world started evolving around 1262 when Roger Bacon created magnifying properties in lenses, which became the first recorded reference to something within the optical nature. After this, the race was on to create a better optical solution for people who lacked perfect eyesight! Yet, it wasn't until the 19th century that man began producing a more comfortable and convenient option of eyeglasses with lenses fitted for individual needs. Today, eye glasses are not only worn to correct a person's vision. They are used to create new fashion trends and make fashion statements! The industry has evolved so much that eyeglasses frames are now available in every color, shape, size, style, and texture imaginable! There's a style of frame to match every person's unique taste and individual need. In the 1950s and 1960s, new styles were hard to come by. Your choices were thick plastic frames or thin wire frames. Either choice came with glass lenses that broke easily and weighed heavily on a person's sinus cavity. Today, frames are made from light weight materials and the lenses are traditionally constructed from high grade plastic. The lenses can even be made thinner to fit a more progressed prescription. Today's styles range from retro and vintage, to modern and luxurious! There are full framed styles in metal, titanium, plastic, acetate, and even wood. Some people prefer semi-rimless eyeglasses frames in the retro-looking thick brow-line fashion - once a very popular choice in the early 1960s. Even still, a new fashionable favorite is the rimless frame that creates a barely-there look! For many years, you could only buy your prescription glasses from your local eye doctor. This monopolized the industry and created a situation where eyeglasses turned from need to want - making it a luxury item instead of a necessary medical instrument. Thankfully, today's world created an alternative where someone can buy prescription glasses online or just simply take their prescription to an eyeglasses warehouse. New laws were created to help those that wear eyeglasses and protect them from the monopolized optical industry. Thankfully, eye glasses are now available to the general public at affordable prices. While optical insurance has also evolved, the online eyeglasses world created an environment where people no longer need to shell out extra money for unnecessary insurance. Unlike in the past, wearing prescription eyeglasses is no longer something to shameful of and boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses! While you'll always be able to find cheap eyeglasses online, it's better to find a high quality pair of eye glasses than to buy something just because it's the cheaper option. Today's glasses aren't made with the same quality materials as they used to be because people aren't wearing the same pair of eyeglasses for as long as they used to. While the industry has evolved, so have the people wearing eyeglasses.
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