Performing vision evaluation and eye health checkups

by:Sinowon     2020-07-05
Types of Eye Checkup There are various areas concerning your eye health that you need to get evaluated. When you visit to good optometrists in Toronto, they will generally perform a series of assessments. These include refraction, visual field examination, glaucoma screening, color vision evaluation, contact lens evaluation, binocular vision evaluation, digital retinal screening, dilation and refractive surgery consultation. Refractive surgery is an option which is prescribed and performed only after a thorough examination. There are two types of refractive procedure; surgical and non-surgical. Laser vision correction is the non-surgical type of refractive procedure and is quite popular as it does not involve incisions or stitches and recovery time is quick. Ways in Which Extensive Eye Checkups Are Helpful Refraction test is a routine eye exam that is performed to determine and measure your refractive error. Visual field examination can help in identifying whether you are losing vision anywhere in your visual field. Vision lost due to glaucoma cannot be restored, but there are treatments which are able to save and retain remaining sight. This is the reason why early diagnosis and treatments are recommended to control the disease. Color vision tests determine your ability to distinguish colors and optometrists in Toronto also screen applicants for job fields that require color perception. Binocular vision tests help to determine the coordination between both the eyes. Stereopsis examinations help identify other diseases. Retinal screening is performed to identify abnormalities that may threaten normal vision. Dilation tests are performed to identify common vision problems. Eye Clinic Services Reputed clinics provide a unique experience in care comprising of exceptional eye health care, service and style. These clinics use the latest technology to perform eye examination. The good optometrists in Toronto are qualified, experienced and skilled in managing and diagnosing various conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, comeal, uveitis, glaucoma, retinal and optic nerve pathology and ocular complications associated with systemic conditions, diabetes and hypertension. Apart from this they also offer a wide range of prescription glasses, designer frames, tinted and regular contact lens and prescription and regular sun glasses.
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