plastics testing: lab testing equipment advances in accuracy, sophistication.

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In recent years, the testing of plastic materials has become more and more complicated.
Instruments and equipment used to analyze and evaluate polymers, elastic bodies, composites and films are more accurate than before and can provide more consistent and repeatable results.
In many cases, digitization reduces the price of test equipment, making it affordable for many processors
House inspection and advanced quality control.
Plastic testing is used to develop new materials, evaluate processing, specify materials for product application, determine the ability of the product to meet the final requirements
Use requirements in a variety of environments, validate design concepts, ensure product quality and safety, and protect manufacturers from product damage
Claim for liability.
Several organizations, including the American Association for Testing and Materials, have developed standards and protocols for testing polymer materials (ASTM)
International Organization for (ISO)
Association of laboratory and Automotive Engineers of underwriters.
In order to ensure consistency, repeatability and reliability of the results, the test methods need to be standardized.
According to ASTM, the first public plastic test standard was written by the ASTM Committee in 1937.
The early test criteria were simple in form and composition, and the test methods focused on traditional properties such as stretching, bending, impact and flammable.
With the development of polymer, elastomer, composite and film, the test methods and equipment used to analyze and evaluate them are also evolving.
Independent laboratory services independent laboratory provides a large \"menu\" for physical testing, fault analysis, material analysis and identification, surface properties analysis and refractory services \".
The label evaluates a wide range of physical and chemical properties, including tensile properties, compression, melting properties
Flow Index, thermal properties, Molecular
Weight distribution, additive analysis, electrical properties, etc.
Underwriters Labs provide testing services to aggregate manufacturers seeking to achieve product \"UL-approved.
The basic test consists of three identification tests: infrared spectrum, thermal weight analysis, and differential scanning heat. Most UL-
Recognized plastic products have also been tested for \"flame classification.
\"In addition, UL is also on long-
Exposed to high temperature for a long time (air-oven aging)
Water, ultraviolet (UV)
Environmental factors such as light and cold.
Intertek Group provides laboratory analysis for the aggregation industry.
Tianxiang Plastic Technology Laboratory (PTLI)
Testingcenter in Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, USA is part of intertekanalysis Services Group
The source provider of the analytics service.
PTLI \"Testlopedia\" is an online (www. ptli. com)
An encyclopedia of plastic tests including audio and video parts.
More than 100 tests were explained.
PTLI performance evaluation of mechanical/physical, electrical, weathering, thermal, Rheo and optical properties. [
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Ashland analytics services and technologies provide comprehensive analytical testing and problems
Solve support from the Dublin lab, Ohio, USA.
Ashland provides chemical analysis, material testing and representation, and emission testing for evaluating product performance and potential product defects.
Features include spectrum, microscope, elemental analysis, chromatography, packaging-
Top-Air assessment, flow and thermal analysis, as well as mechanical and physical testing, including instrument testing.
Other laboratories specialize in specific types of testing.
Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. (PTI)
Focus on pets in the Netherlands, Ohio, USA
Packaging applications.
In addition to providing packaging design and development services, PTI also operates Integrated Materials-
Testing and packaging
Test Lab
The company has also developed test instruments and equipment such as oxygen Traq [R]
Oxygen penetration system for analysis and measurement of packaging rigidity and flexible performance.
PTI has also developed a system for measuring the wall thickness of PET containers and the aleak monitor, which has been commercialized by other companies.
Chemir analysis services for research projects near St.
Louis, Missouri, USA, a 50-year-old lab
A Year of History, found
A conventional analytical solution to a difficult problem, such as a survey project involving deactivation (
Reverse engineering)
, Pollutant Identification, fault analysis, litigation support, and traditional chemistry-
Polymer analysis
Testing and Materials
Identification Service.
With respect to contaminants, Chemir says it takes a strategic technical approach to identify unknown materials in polymer or plastic products to determine their source.
Typical pollution
Test and identify project analysisodors,off-
Color, trace metals and foreign bodies in the product.
Exposure to the environment, unsuitable storage, or poor environment can lead to pollution
Quality raw materials, for example.
The laboratory tracks the source of pollution with the customer and then develops corrective actions.
Laboratory of composite materials and advanced materials, National Aviation Research Institute (NIAR)
At Wichita State University (Kansas USA)
Recently, Bombardier announced a major material and structural testing project.
This work will focus on the certification of the brand new Learjet 85 business jet
Composite structure.
Study of the FAA NIARperforms composite (U. S.
Federal Aviation Administration)
And cooperate with other aircraft manufacturers.
A new field in the laboratory is expected to contain instruments for thermal, physical and chemical representation, enabling materials to be prepared, tested, analyzed and reported from a central location ---
Shorten turnaround time.
Test instruments for plastic test instruments, accessories and software are available from a long string of Wells
Established manufacturers.
Founded in 1946, Instron produces and serves materials-
Test instruments, systems and accessories.
Headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, Instron provides a wide range of service capabilities, including calibration, training, technical support and laboratory management assistance.
Instron\'s product line covers a wide range of plastic machines, including equipment for general material testing, dynamic and fatigue testing, impact and structural testing, electric testing, and hardness testing.
Test master of Instron [TM]
The plastic automation system has automated, programmable laboratory robots and controllers for efficient tensile and bending testing of rigid and semi-rigid plastics.
At the other end of the scale of affordability is value --
The PricedInstron 3345 plastic Test pack is a complete plastic tensile and bending test mechanical system designed for quality control and component testing.
The package includes Instron\'s sBluehilt [R]
A material-Lite softwareTest program.
Users can choose pre-designed test methods or create new methods based on specific test requirements.
Instron said the software provides all the capabilities needed to perform standardized tensile, compression, bending, stripping, tearing, friction, and simple cycle testing. [
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General materials provided by Lloyd instruments
Single test system in a variety of affordablecolumn, bench-
Installation machine and double
Column model for bench designtop or floor-
Standard configuration.
A variety of tests can be performed on all machines, including stretching, compression, bending, stripping, shear and friction.
High machine
Accurate load measurement enables fast data acquisition.
Options include full PC integration with Lloyd snexygen Plus material testing and data-
Analysis software. [
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The universal testing machine has a place in most plastic laboratories.
Zwick USA offers a wide range of load capabilities in its series ofuniversal test machines, including hit30f instrument enteddrop-
The impact tester is specially optimized for the requirements of penetration testing.
The company said sensors located near the impact point minimize the impact of mechanical vibration found in other instruments.
Pneumatic specimen-
The grab system is said to be able to insert and impact samples in less than 5 seconds. Thedrop-
The impact tester can also be used to start mechanical damage-fiber-
Reinforced Composite for compressionafter-impact test.
The company also offers Notch Vision, an automatic measuring device that meets specific standards, for Charpy impact testing. Thestandard-
The notch of the shape is important for the correct results in the ImPACT test, and the instrument not only measures the notch optical, but also measures the size of the notch impact sample.
After the operator inserts the sample into the device, it can be automatically measured without contact.
The measurement results and test results of the pendulum impact tester are used to determine the precise impact energy.
Data can be transferred using Zwick\'s testXpert [R]
Reduce potential data errors and improve data traceability.
Wearing a new laboratory for plastic products plastic composite machines and processors, impacttesters, is the earliest tool to make them choose according to TiniusOlsen (TO)
A company founded in 1880 to test the quality and reliability of materials.
Provides a wide range of equipment, including impact testers selected according to their connotation application, such as R & D, quality control, material representation, incoming materials-
Material inspection, product design.
For quality control of finished products, most processors choose basic pendulum or fall
The weight impact tester requires samples not to be tilted.
TO and other companies produce pendulum impact testers, which can be switched from Charpy TO Izod configuration and available in a variety of capabilities.
TO model IT503 low-
The plastic energy impact tester is an integrated digital display/controller with a high degree of flexibility, accuracy and testing-
Data resolution that meets various test requirements.
TO also provides a sample cut for testing easy and precise cutting of plastic materials based on ASTM and isospecs.
Fixtures and weights that meet specific materials can be provided-
Test requirements. A data-
You can choose to provide a control package.
A large amount of information about plastic testing is provided on the TO website (www. tiniusolsen. com)
, Such as \"TOpedia\", a discussion on common test methods used to evaluate plastics, a calculator for converting to the United StatesS.
Metrics and other useful information.
CEAST, an Italian manufacturer recently acquired by Instron, produces a range of instruments and accessories for impact, theology and thermal testing.
Impactor Junior 5,5 J is a versatile pendulum motor for performing meters and non-meters
Instrument impact testing with energy up to 5 is required. 5 J (joules).
A variety of interchanging fixtures and hammers add flexibility.
Impact type two months-
50j pendulum machine (
Energy up to 50 J)
Can be equipped with pneumatic braking and automatic heavy hammer reset.
Visual impact provided by Ceast [R]
Special software kit for its instruments. Data-
Ceast also offers a collection system designed for instrument impact testing and environmental conditioning batteries.
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
The scanning of plastic and composite materials measures the thickness and detects defects in the structure and sub-surface damage.
Non-destructive testing techniques include ultrasound, surface inspection, visual inspection, radiography, etc.
Typical applications include
Thickness measurement during blow
Die-making bottles, tubes, car parts, aircraft windshields, coatings and individual layers in multi-layer food containers or fuel tanks.
Olympus offers the 35DL series handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge and \"easy-to-use\" Magna-
Mike thickness gauge using magnetic probe and small steel target ball can be scanned on the side of plastic container.
Both instruments can be accurate to 0.
001 inch, and digitally display the thickness on its display.
The company also offers ultrasonic flaw detectors such as EPOCH series for sound analysis
Waves are transmitted through solid materials to detect defects, pores and defects in plastics, composites, metals and ceramics. Imperium, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasound imaging systems, offering a range of products including theAcoustoCam [TM]
A portable ultrasound imaging camera considered a technological breakthrough.
Patent hand
A handheld device can be used to quickly measure underground areas suspected of damage.
Place the ultrasonic gel in the area under investigation and apply the AcoustoCam probeis to the area.
The unit generates real
Real-time video images enable real-time detection of defects in the area.
Imperial Airlines recently announced a joint project with Boeing to use AcoustoCam for remote inspection of composite structures.
The project uses wireless technology to enable maintenance personnel to check and review damage to another facility in real time;
In this way, there is no need to bring traditional ultrasonic equipment.
Imperiumam said that acoustocam can detect impact damage, cracking under the fastener head, void or delamination, water intrusion and other problems.
A2 technology, an expert in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)
Spectroscopy, produces a range of infrared units for non-destructive, field surface and volumetric analysis.
These include the compact Exoscan [R]
With interchanging internal functionsreflectance (
Attenuation total reflection ratio)and external-reflectance-
Sampling interface.
The Weight ght equipment can be used to sample a variety of materials, including solids, paste, gel and liquid.
Exoscan has an infrared modulator optical system operating in the middleInfrared area.
Plus the company\'s diamond interior-reflection-
A2 technology said that the sample system of Exoscan can perform large-scale face analysis.
Using aPDA equipment for control and operation, it is said that the device is very suitable for samples that are too large to be brought to the laboratory or damaged by removing samples for analysis.
X-HunterLab provides measuring appearance instruments for measuring the color and appearance of plastic for Research and Quality ControlRite,BYK-
Gardner and others.
HunterLab offers a range of portable, desktop and online systems, including the recently launched MiniScan [R]
A decimeter that can be output.
It has double
Beam technology for measuring the reflected color of the product, which can be placed on the factory floor or outdoors.
Measurement data can be stored in memory or downloaded to a PC for printing.
Another hunter lab model, benchtop UltraScan [R]
PRO, measure the color of reflection and transmission, the ratio of spectral reflection and transmission, and the degree of transmission fog.
Use EasyMatch [R]
The company noted that the instrument is well suited to the laboratory and production environment.
ColorQuest [also provided by HunterLab [R]
OLHaze instrument, an on-line splitter that continuously measures the color of plastic film and paper transmission.
Designed for in-
Process Control, instrument measurement, color, yellow and transmission of smoke. BYK-
Gardner provides instruments for measuring the appearance, including the color, gloss and mist meter used for plastic and coating and painting the base.
Color and gloss control is particularly important in the automotive industry
Internal application.
The company has developed a low light [R]and Spectro-guide[R]
Instrument production line for quality control.
The patented calibration procedure of the instrument provides high accuracy.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has a wide range of analytical instruments and monitoring equipment, including the ability to reduce the number of analytical
Trace substances such as impurities or additives in polymers. The SEC-AccuSpot-
Axima size exclusion chromatography mass spectrometer automates the process previously performed manually.
It\'s used for analysis-molecular-
The weight substance contained in the polymer migrating to the surface, which may affect the properties and change the properties of the material.
Another product that collects viscosity data from Shimadzu is the CFT flow testershear-
It is mainly used to collect viscosity data and their effects on various types of polymers in developing compounds.
It is said to be well suited for Research and Quality Control of epoxy resin in printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.
CFT features:
Shimadzu pointed out that the pressure extrusion mechanism closely matches the pressure extrusion mechanism of the actual production machinery, and can measure epoxy resin samples that become hardened during the experimental process without worrying about instrument overload. [
Slightly] IllustrationsC. W.
Originalasticorder of brabend paperwork, developer [R]
Torque mixer, test equipment specially used to measure and record viscosity, consistency, thermal stability, plasticity, flow, extensibility and process
The ability of polymer.
Computerized ATR plasma
Corder torque rheometers provide flexibility for mixing or extrusion applications.
There are also smart phones. Torque Plasti-
Corder torque thermometer, which utilizes the latest developments in CAN field bus technology, CAN use any C. W.
Brabendermixer/measuring head or extruder accessories. The Lab-
Stationplastic Corder is a model of modular configuration, which can
Diagnosis and registration.
ATR in blabend-
In order to characterize the melting and/or thermal and Shear Stability of PVC materials, a VAS plastic-order torque flow vinyl analysis system was designed.
When used with Brabender\'s Winmix software program to store and retrieve data, it provides an economical resource for QC and product development.
According to standard practices and protocols, the torque curves and data generated by the software characterize the flow behavior of the material.
To develop new compounds, Brabender offers mini
A 12-
Mm micro doublescrew, co-
Rotary extruder for plastic and pharmaceutical industry.
Dynisco Instruments recently added the VTM series to the series of laboratory analyzers used to characterize thermoplastic plastics.
Dynisco said that the instrument is considered to be well suited for the flow test of polyolene, which measures performance in a pressurized sample chamber rather than in a more traditional open cavity, reducing edge effects and potential contamination.
The VTM instrument collects standard data points such as dynamic viscosity, elastic modulus, viscous modulus and tangent increment.
Companies in Dynisco\"R]
The software enables users to create their own test protocols, select multiple data points to collect from a single sample, or compare historical data. The Davenport (
Lloyd instruments
The series of test instruments for polymer development and production include melting-
Temperature-flow index
Control testers, impact testers and other laboratory equipment.
The most recent introduction is solvent-
Free PET Plus instrument built inviscosity (IV)
Moisture Measurement-
Sensitive PET material
The product does not need to be purchased and treated with solvents.
It can be used in standalone mode to provide on-
Screen results used with Nexygen Plus PET data-
Analysis software. [
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Packaging Test instruments are important for quality control in packaging applications, for ensuring packaging integrity and sealing strength, and for detecting leaks.
MOCON and itsLippke departments produce instruments used by packaging developers and manufacturers.
Lippke model 4500 package test system is astandalone, PC-
Bench control
Top-level instruments for measuring Seal Strength, leak detection and flexibility, rigidity, porosity, lamination, and foil integrity-type packaging.
The burst test measures the material strength and adhesive strength of the seal;
The attenuation test measures the sealing seal to determine if there is a leakage path in the package;
And an optional multiple
The Test pack provides five additional modes related to creep, leakage and burst.
Mocon\'s packaging line includes Permatran-W[R]
Type 1/50, affordable, water-vapor-transmission-
Rate analyzer for testing penetration in packaging of food, beverage and other products.
Another instrument is [OxTran]R]
Oxygen-type 1/50transmission-ratetester.
Mocon also provides consulting and testing services through MoconLaboratories, specializing in packaging and shell testing as well as material development.
Thermal analysis simulation material
Developers and manufacturers of new polymers often rely on heat-
Analyze the technology to determine how their products will react during processing.
PerkinElmer, an expert in high school
Analysis instrument, recently launched a line differential scanning Heat Meter (DSC)
The aim is to improve the accuracy, sensitivity and performance of thermal analysis.
Four new instruments in the DSC series are designed to accelerate the development of new materials.
They have proprietary designs that can accurately simulate materials --
Processing conditions.
Theline includes two orders. Furnace type (
DSC 4000 and DSC 6000)anddouble-Furnace type (
DSC 8000 and DSC 8500)
Material scientists are allowed to choose based on budget, environment and other business parameters. The double-
Furnace model with second
Power generation-
According to PerkinElmer, the controlled furnace technology provides the rapid heating and cooling required to accurately represent the behavior of the material under different conditions.
Controlling heating and cooling can improve the accuracy of test results.
The furnace is able to simulate the rapid cooling rate encountered by the polymer during molding and can be used to test the final cooling rate
Products to determine if they will run as expected. [
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PerkinElmer also operates onessource [R]
Laboratory services available
Provide on-site service and support to the laboratory.
The business has grown steadily in Europe over the past 10 years and expanded in the USS. (up 26% in 2008)
According to the company.
One source provides corrective and preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment, quality and calibration, laboratory relocation and asset disposal, enabling customers to integrate laboratory services under One supplier.
Professional group engaged in quality control, process monitoring two special interest groups related to and quality control.
In order to promote the understanding of process behavior and the development of process models, monitors and sensors, process monitoring and control SIG is formed.
SIG provides a forum to discuss the measurement science used by polymer processors to overcome the challenges of pursuing product quality and productivity.
The quality and continuous improvement team focuses on tools and techniques used to influence the quality of the process or product.
TheSIG is a resource for members of society to understand how to implement and maintain quality --
Promote the exchange of information on quality issues and quality processes.
Contact A2 Technology Co. , Ltd. 14 Commerce Dr.
Us ct 06810 Danbury 1 203-312-1100 www. a2technologies.
Com Ashland Analytics Services & Technology 5200 Blazer Dublin, OH 43017 USA 1 800-545-8779 www.
Ashland analysis. com BYK-
9104 Gilford Road, Gardner, USA.
Columbia, MD 21046 United States 1 800-343-7721 www. byk.
Com/instrument Ceast USA, Inc.
4816 Sirus Lane Charlotte, NC 28208 USA 1 704-423-0042 www. ceast.
Com Chemir analysis service 2672 Metro Avenue.
Maryland Heights, MO 63043 United States 1 800-659-7659 www. chemir. com C. W.
Blabander Instruments Co. , Ltd. P. O. Box 2127 S.
Hackensack 07606-201, New Jersey, United States of America343-8425 www. cwbrabender.
Com Dynisco company instrument 38 forged Franklin Avenue, horse 02038, United States month 508-541-9400 www. dynisco.
Hunter Association.
Laboratory Company
11491 sunset Mountain Road
Reston, VA 20190 USA 1 703-471-6870 www. hunterlab.
Empire Corporation.
1738 Elton Road 218 Spring, MD 20903 American month 301-431-2905 www. imperiuminc.
World headquarters 825 University Avenue.
Norwood, MA 02062 United States 1 800-877-6674 www. instron.
Internet technology development company 7401Linder Ave.
Skokie, IL 60077 USA 1 847-679-3377 www.
Technology development.
Intertek Plastic Technology Laboratory, 50 Pearl Street, Pittsburgh, MA 01201 413-499-0983 www. ptli.
Lloyd Instruments Ltd.
12 Barnes Wallis Road
Segensworth East, Fareham Hants PO15 5TT, United Kingdom 44 (0)
1489 486 399 www. lloyd-instruments. co. uk Mocon, Inc. 7500 Boone Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55428 1 763-493-6370 www. mocon.
Olympus NDT 48 Woerd Ave.
02453 USA 1 800-Ma Waltham225-8330 www. olympus-ims.
Com perkinepub, Inc. 940 Winter St.
02451 USA 1 800-Ma Waltham762-4000 www. perkinelmer.
Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. P. O.
Box 964 Netherlands, OH 43528 USA 1 419-867-5400 www.
Plastic Technology.
7102 Riverwood Dr. com Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Columbia, MD 21046 United States 1 800-477-1227 www. ssi. shimadzu.
Com Tinius Olsen, Inc. P. O.
Box 1009 holsham, PA 19044 US 1 215-675-7100 www. tiniusolsen.
Com Underwriters Laboratory 2600W. Lake Rd.
Camas, WA 98607 USA 1 877-854-3577 www. ul. com X-Rite Corp. 4300 44th St.
SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 USA 1 800-248-9748 www. xrite.
Com Zwick usa lp 1620 Cobb International AirportBlvd.
, GA 30152 US 1 Kenneth 1 770-420-6555 www. zwick.
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