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by:Sinowon     2020-06-29
We deals in large variety of forestry equipments like Binoculars ,compass, GPS, Haga Altimeter , Increment Borer , laser range finder , night Vision Monocular , Range finder Hypsometer , sand Augers ,Soil Moisture meter , Spiegel relaskop , spotting scope , tree caliper, vernier caliper , weather station logger , wood moisture meter & Outdoors gears We have various departments under precision components & engineers working on different fields and these departments consists of well trained and efficient manpower which has been an integral part to take precision components and engineers to such height and are continuing to fulfill our sky reaching .Our engineers are capable to suggest you the configuration of the binocular that you may require for your field .We offer a wide variety of outdoor forestry & wildlife equipments which professional field workers require. Everything from Compasses and Clinometers, from magnifying glasses and Binoculars to Microscopes , from GPS devices to Waterproof protective hard cases , from Anemometers to Complete weather stations . It has been a tradition of Precision Components & Engineers to provide the best. PCE features a wide-ranging line of products aimed to exceed your expectations. We have supplied DIGITAL TRAP CAMERAS & GPS and other equipments in India under Government 'PROTECT TIGER'. We have been actively involved in supplying PTT forOLIVE RIDLEY-TURTLES of the Orissa Coast. The PTT would determine the distribution, habitat use, migration pattern, seasonal duration and location of Olive Ridley congregations in the Bay of Bengal along the east coast of India. Lakhs of Olive Ridleys come to the Orissa coast every year for mass nesting.
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