Professional hair stylists require different types

by:Sinowon     2020-05-28
Scissor types Hair cutting scissor: this is the basic pair with straight edges for general cutting. Thinning scissor: used to remove bulk and decrease volume by thinning out the hair and blending it. The blades resemble combs and can be found in single or double versions. Texturizing scissors: these help add texture to hair and create new styles while removing extra bulk and volume. Left scissors: specially made scissors for left handed hair stylists that work just like right handed scissors. Blade edges Convex edge: the blade is precisely sharpened at a 40-50 degree angle and is ideal for cutting wet hair and slide cutting, Semi-convex edge: the blades are sharpened at a 40-45 degree angle and are sharp and precise like the convex edge. Bevel edge: this scissor blade has been sharpened at a 30-50 degree angle and used to cut dry and oily hair. Custom edge: this is a convex edge sharpened at a 45-50 degree angle, then semi convexed at a slightly lower degree than the convex angle. Scissors handles Classic: also called the even handled hair scissor, this handle is for thumbs up cutting. Offset: this handle has finger rings offset from the blade for an easy grip and increased comfort for thumbs down cutting. Semi-offset: the thumb ring is placed between the even and offset handle locations, converting it into a combination of both types. Crane: also known as butterfly handle, it's lower than the offset one and ideal for thumbs down cutting. Swivel: also called the twister handle, the thumb ring can rotate 360 degrees for increased convenience, letting you cut thumbs up or down. Steel type Steel or metal type is very important and can be measured for quality using the Rockwell scale. There are different metals used to manufacture scissors and they include carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and high cobalt steel. For the best result, choose a high quality scissor that has been forged with hard, durable metal.
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