Red Wing Shoe Company, the manufacturer of the

by:Sinowon     2020-06-03
During the two World Wars, Red Wing Shoe Company furnished thousands of boots to the U.S. military. It has been depicted in the artworks of renowned artists such as Les Kouba and Norman Rockwell. Today, the company name is a symbol of American craftsmanship, quality, comfort, and durability. It manufactures boots and shoes appropriate for various industries and recreational markets. Among others, it specializes in working boots, motorcycle, and heritage boots. Red wing boots for work has styles such as logger, pull on, hiker, chukka, slip on, oxford, and 6' and 8' laces. They feature safety toe, waterproof capacity, insulated, electrical hazard protection, and static dissipative. Its safety toe features come in varied system depending on the materials used, including steel toe, aluminum, non-metallic, and metatarsal guard. Red Wing's Heritage collection involves footwear works dating as early as a hundred years ago, and created for policemen, military, and postman. Premium red wing boots and shoes leather are tanned at the company's own S.B Foot Tanning Company. They are triple-stitched with waxed thread for quality. Their sole uses the company's signature Traction Tred White crepe, thereby, expected to continue with building legend. Of course, there are also boots and shoes for classic dress and authentic casual. The good thing about Red Wing brand is that it manufactures its boots and shoes based on the specifics of a particular industry to ensure that you are comfortable in wearing the boots and your feet are protected. Included in the protections are varied safety toes and resistance against puncture, water, weather, chemical abrasion, and more. Before the pair of boot becomes available commercially, the company conducted various tests including compression resistance, static dissipation, puncture resistance, electric shock resistance, impact resistance, conductivity, and metatarsal protection. Most of Red wing boots have passed a wide range of the safety standard requirements crucial for certain uses, such as motorcycle. The motorcycle boots of Red wing are manufactured purposely for riding the motorcycle. They also feature similar characteristics of job-specific boots, perfect for cruising on the asphalt over a motorcycle. Red wing boots exclusive for motorcycle riding are hand-crafted using premium leathers, tripled-stitched seams too, oil-resistant out-soles, and outstanding comfort. Some of their motorcycle boots are 6', 8', and 10' boots for men, logger-lineman, and pull-on. Red wing footwear is non-conductor of heat and electricity. The foot plains are made of good rubber with wood foils in it. Many who have Red wing shoes and boots wear them to present a cowboy style. Some of them wear boots and go to work as a firefighter, policeman, electrical engineer or any engineer or occupation that requires handling of electricity. Even in going to the office or at a construction site, you can wear Red wing boots. After work, people can still wear these boots in going to gimmicks.
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