Regarding computer data backups and shift, optical

by:Sinowon     2020-06-17
LTFS and LTO propel the method for future years of data archive, leaving optical discs to the former. Like companies scramble to adopt benefit of this kind of new technology, Crossroads Systems shows signs of earlier adoption with their new product, StrongBox. StrongBox functions as a data archive, using LTFS and LTO tape technologies to transform tape into an always on line, file-based program, providing end users optimum control of data access. For some time, organizations are already phasing away manufacture of optical disks as a means for backups and data archival. Along with brand new, smaller sized as well as high-performance technology, companies which have used optical discs must now think about different technologies to get operative storage archives. Optical discs are great for haphazard access and firm, but they're extremely vunerable to external physical destruction and, to get large-scale storage, can cost monumentally more than some other storage archive options. With the introduction of Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, tape is regaining clout as a viable medium for long-term storage archives. Taking advantage of this new technology, Crossroads Systems has introduced StrongBox, a tape-based storage archive solution. The latest generation of LTO tapes, LTO5 can be formatted with LTFS to ensure a file-system-like view of data for end users. To better understand what this means for companies looking for long-term data archive systems, let's explore a new product recently deployed in the market. StrongBox was introduced by Crossroads Systems several months ago as a game-changing alternative to traditional archive solutions. Presented by the company as a Tier 3 data archive solution, StrongBox utilizes LTO5 LTFS to essentially remedy all the negative aspects of tape, while keeping costs low.
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