scalers: review advice

by:Sinowon     2020-03-11
Visit provided by Mr. Chairman, G.
Balfry\'s letter about pacemakers and ultrasound cattle (2005; : 625)
I recently saw two patients with a pacemaker inserted.
Both cards have the manufacturer\'s details and the type of pacemaker inserted.
Google search results show the manufacturer\'s web address.
I sent an email to the company saying I would like to use the ultrasonic scaler (type specified)
For patients, the premise is that it does not interfere with the function of the pacemaker.
From the email response received, ultrasound scaling can be used for these patients.
Email communication is also part of patient records.
Before the list of pacemakers is available, it is recommended to email the pacemakers based on the patient\'s specific circumstances and follow their advice on using an ultrasonic scaler.
I think the long-standing recommendation that patients with pacemakers do not use an ultrasonic cleanser is no longer valid and should be reviewed according to the patient\'s specific circumstances.
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