Science and technology are primary productive forces

by:Sinowon     2020-07-03
With the rapid development of foreign trade, customs integration upgraded the special control of the new information management system, and accelerate the construction of port clearance and other smart card applications, and carefully create a set of monitoring, clearance and information center in one of the 'smart park' . Information technology in customs supervision in the use and really changed the kind of paper-based operation, paper audit regulatory approach to facilitate the enterprise's logistics. Now, local businesses can network with real-time Customs, the customs building in the 'e-Customs' platform, the homes for all types of customs procedures, not regional, Internet site restrictions, truly mobile office. Regulatory approach to create optimized clearance 'high road' Export Processing Zone, Ningbo customs hall, on Friday afternoon, peak business hours. 'Low-risk quick release!' Customs officers Shen skillfully tapping the keyboard small, hill-like pile of documents with the rapid decline, anxiously waiting for the declaration to customs declaration Sinotrans Ningbo Lin Jing Ya sigh. A peak customs microcosm of the screen, a crystallization of the customs reform-minded confidence and courage. 'We must keep things under control, but also through faster.' In recent years, Ningbo Free Trade Zone Customs adhere to promote regional economic development as its mission to continuously optimize the customs supervision and services, have launched a series of convenient customs clearance measures. In 2001, the introduction of support for IT enterprise development ten convenient customs clearance measures, the establishment of key IT enterprises Express window, straight-through clearance of bayonet practice, providing door to door inspection, clearance and other services booking holidays measures to ensure the facilitation of customs clearance of goods, rapid efficient; 2003, the implementation of the IT companies 'focus on the declaration,' IT products to meet the short turnaround time, delivery, compact, batch number, zero inventory and other production and management needs; 2005, the introduction of materials and parts to the record amount of first regulatory approach; 2008 , focusing on the LCD optical company launched the 'sample sales report after the first delivery,' 'advance declaration of goods to the clearance,' and other customs measures to enhance the logistics speed; 2009, to support the restructuring and development of processing trade enterprises, opening up the domestic approval of the green channel , introduced the 'time out area, immediate write-off' and other measures to accelerate the expansion of the enterprise to create the conditions for the domestic market; 2009,2011 on exports and imports have started pilot projects for reforming customs classification, customs operation time from 'hours' into account the 'minutes' of dollars. A series of convenient customs clearance measures the implementation of a regulatory approach to achieve the transformation of transformation. Are in relying on the country's second largest port Beilun port in Ningbo Free Trade Zone, in 1996, customs bonded cargo 34,000 tons. In 2010, that number expanded to 6.02 million tons, is 176 times 15 years ago. Meanwhile, the number of customs officers increased by only 3 times, so that a tight regulation and efficient operation of the organic unity. Empathy to help enterprises to enhance their competitive advantage 'Thanks to Ningbo Customs has long been the strong support of our company, the company imported goods can enjoy overtime customs clearance services, the day you can into the plant, great to meet production needs of enterprises on time to ensure that the delivery time.' Recently, , Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ling Mao sent to the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Customs wrote in the letter of thanks. Optical Co., Ltd. Ningbo Mao Ling is a subsidiary of Taiwan's Chi Lin Technology, established in December 2005, is located in Ningbo export processing zones, specialized in producing thin film liquid crystal display backlight module and liquid crystal display panels, liquid crystal display panels are sold to the distribution of its Samsung factories around the world. April 29 was a Friday, Ling Mao photoelectric name to declare a vote of 'color LCD display panel,' the goods, a total of 14 large cabinets, exports to Hungary Samsung factory. 14:15 suddenly received a notice, there are 2 large cabinets dispatched by customs inspection. Close to the holiday, port container inside a lot, take a long time moving boxes, moving boxes and specific completion time is uncertain. Move box is not completed, the Department can not be inspected, the company workers worried, If you can not catch up with the schedules, will be delayed for a week. Ling Mao optical immediately this report to the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Customs, Customs delay the work of customs officers to immediately arrange for this shipment inspection for clearance procedures. 'When a good move containers within the port, customs clearance paperwork inspection, is already more than 19 o'clock.' Optical customs Xiong Yinghui Mao Ling said, 'like many examples like this. Customs empathy, enterprises would like to , urgent business needs, not only to secure the optical Mao Ling relationship with customers, but also enhance the company's competitive advantage. in support of customs and other departments, we believe the company's growth prospects will get better. 'Xiongying Hui said . To promote industrial agglomeration characteristics service At present, Ningbo Free Trade Zone LCD optoelectronics industry to the world's second largest LCD panel maker Chi Mei Optoelectronics as a leader, gathering nearly 30 optical companies, with an annual output of more than 6000 million pieces of LCD modules to become the largest domestic production base of the LCD module production. World's second largest computer industry Zeyi Gigabyte motherboard manufacturers as a leader, gathering more than 10 upstream and downstream enterprises to form an annual output of 4,000,000 board, notebook production capacity of 300 million units, an important board in east China production base . 'Many industry concentration, and customs services and other sectors are inextricably relationship.' Ningbo Free Trade Zone, a responsible person said.
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