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by:Sinowon     2019-12-28
For years, the federal government has kept the names of hundreds of nursing homes across the country discovered by inspectors, which have serious ongoing health, safety or hygiene problems.
As of April, nearly 400 facilities across the country had a \"poor track record of long-term care\", but were not included because the list of families in these facilities was shorter and the federal review had increased, and there is indeed a Senate report released on Monday.
According to the documents and interviews, budget cuts appear to be the cause of the problem, as it reduces the focus inspection funds needed for nursing homes on shorter lists.
Secrecy undermines the federal government\'s commitment to ensure the transparency of families working to find homes for their loved ones, and raises questions as to why the names of some families have not been disclosed, the names of other families were said by two senators who released the report on Monday.
\"We have to make sure that any family member or any potential resident in the nursing home has access to this information in advance and is ongoing,\" Sen said . \". Bob Casey, D-Pa.
He is with Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.
The report was issued.
\"When a family has a hard time deciding to seek care homes for loved ones, they should know if there are systemic defects in the facilities under consideration,\" said Toomey . \".
Senators published a list provided to them by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), setting out nursing homes with record issues where the government has not publicly disclosed their names. About 1.
3 million Americans are residents of nursing homes and are taken care of in more than 15,700 facilities.
The senator\'s report states that the problem nursing homes on these two lists account for about 3 per cent.
CMS does disclose the names of a small group of about 80 nursing homes that are under special scrutiny to help them resolve the quality issues on record.
They are in the so-called Special Focus Facility project.
Nursing homes that have not improved can be cut off through Medicare and Medicaid.
Consumers can identify the Special Focus Facility on the government nursing home comparison website by looking for an icon shaped like a small yellow triangle, similar to the traffic \"warning\" sign.
The site does not show star quality ratings for special focus facilities.
Usually, nursing homes score from one star lower to five stars of the highest quality.
Nearly 400 facilities are candidates for the shorter list, \"eligible to participate in the program because they are identified as\" poor records of long-term care \"but are not selected to participate due to limited resources (CMS)
Reports from Kathy and Thomas said.
\"Although (
Special focus nursing home)
\"In terms of their qualifications, the candidate will not disclose it publicly,\" the report added . \".
CMS Administrator Seema Verma pointed out in a letter to Kathy last month that the federal budget issue was a factor.
Total (special focus)
Number and total number of slots (special focus)
\"Candidates across the country are based on the availability of federal resources,\" Verma wrote . \".
She added that more than 2010 people recently provided space for 167 nursing homes and 835 candidates in special focus projects.
There are now up to 88 places of special attention and up to 440 candidates.
She said the federal budget cut in 2014 reduced the number of hours available.
Verma said her agency is evaluating whether the list of \"candidates\" nursing homes can be published publicly.
The Trump administration has asked Congress to provide more funding for health care checks, but the final amount and the way it is allocated remains unclear.
CMS said in a statement that its star rating on the nursing home comparison website is already \"the best standard for consumers to understand and use \".
\"The minimum number of about 2,900 nursing homes
Overall star rating.
But consumer groups say such ratings are not enough and more disclosure is overdue. \"This may help (consumers)
It is very, very troublesome to avoid facilities recognized by the government, \"said Toby Edelman, senior policy lawyer for the non-government sector.
Publicity profit center for medical insurance.
A nursing home industry organization says it generally supports transparency and has no position on the release of the list.
Vice President David Gifford
The quality chairman of the American Health Care Association said that the inspection report on which the CMS list is based is only a measure and that other factors, such as staffing levels and clinical outcomes, should also be considered.
Senator\'s report on Monday.
Kathy and Tomé identified several nursing homes from the list of special focus candidates.
In the Details :-
In kuttman, Texas, legacy healthcare homes did not stop the backup of septic system, causing confusion
Smell the black material through the sewer and penetrate into the kitchen floor near the food
Preparation area.
In an interview, company officials who currently own a nursing home said they had corrected all the problems after purchasing the facility in February.
Suzanne Konig, president of the company that now runs the nursing home, renamed the heritage home healthcare center, said she would be worried about publishing the list because \"the list doesn\'t really focus on what\'s going on in the facility. \"—
At Ormond Beach in Florida, inspectors found that the staff of Avante in Ormond Beach did not clean and disinfect blood glucose measurement equipment between tests of different patients, which put residents at risk of infection
The same inspection report pointed out that the nursing home soon began to solve the problem.
A deputy, John Horner.
In an interview, the president of nursing home management said that old equipment was replaced by new equipment and employees were retrained.
\'The problem has now been completely solved, \'Mr. honak said.
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