sick, omron, rockwell and odva collaborate on development of open safety networking standard. (manufacturing solutions).

by:Sinowon     2020-03-21
SICK, Rockwell Automation and Omron Corporation, the world\'s leading automation and machine security company, are working together to develop open protocols for secure communications.
The three companies are members of the open Equipment network supplier Association (ODVA)
, An independent organization that manages device networks and Ethernet/IP specifications and supports the global implementation of these networks.
The protocol will be based on the existing common standard protocols in the device network and Ethernet/IP, which are widespread in the factory automation industry.
Security protocols include extensions to existing standard protocols.
It will allow standard and security devices to run on the same network.
It also allows security devices to seamlessly communicate to other security devices between standard device networks and Ethernet/IP networks without any additional programming.
The newly defined security protocol extension has been approved by the concept of TUV Rhine, an important milestone in meeting security technical requirements in an open network environment.
This unique feature is not available today in secure communications and it will be implemented without the need for expensive security-specific hardware such as gateways and bridges.
Other benefits of this new approach include network design flexibility, easier training and maintenance, and a common view of both standardsand safety-
Networking devices.
The first implementation of the security protocol will be implemented on the device network and will provide a fault-
Secure communication between nodes such as security input!
Output block, safety interlock switch, safety light screen and safety plc.
As an open standard, security protocols are designed for security integrity levels (SIL)
3 according to IEC 61508 standard.
The use of security protocols will provide customers with a wide range of products from multiple suppliers.
In addition, customers will have great flexibility in terms of network architecture design and installation cost savings.
These companies are expected to launch the first device network security solution in 2004.
According to the requirements of customers, the three companies recognize the need for an open secure network technology compatible with existing networks in the industry, and agree to cooperate on secure networks to meet the combined customer requirements.
ODVA has accepted that these companies continue to work together to implement secure network technologies.
The three companies are developing a system requirements specification for equipment Network Security, which will be submitted to the toy company for approval.
Once approved by TUV, ODVA will manage and own secure network technology, which will make it available to manufacturers and users of factory automation equipment.
According to manager Wolfgang Windo
Marketing and sales of sick industrial safety systems: \"The dynamics of the security and control system market put strong demands on individual products, the powerful network architecture integrates security and standard automation tasks into a seamless system that provides functionality that is not currently available and improves ease of use to benefit our customers.
By having the largest safety product installation base in the market, we are providing the necessary experience to ensure that the customer\'s needs are met.
\"Noting that his company observed\" market dynamic demand and integration of security and control tasks on the Web \", Kojiro Tobita, senior general manager and head of Omron security business commented, \"We also note the strong demand for open networks, which allows our customers to strike a balance between the appropriate level of security and the economic impact.
In fact, this is a high-productivity security network.
Thanks to ODVA and its member companies, taking advantage of the world\'s largest equipment Network installation base, we can certainly provide great benefits to our customers through device network security.
\"Elik foods, VP-
Rockwell Automation\'s security business commented: \"Our customers want to be ahead of the curve
Open Network brings edge technology and free choice.
We have a long history in both areas.
Therefore, we will continue the network of devices we started using in our early 90 s and take it to a new level through device network security.
Catherine worth, executive director of ODVA, commented: \"CIP security is another example of how ODVA brings together competing suppliers from around the world to jointly address industry needs.
CIP security will enable us to build on the success of the device network and Ethernet/IP and the investment of our customers.
\"About the participants: the sick industrial safety system, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
170 or circle 170 Omron, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
Rockwell Automation 171 or 171 turnsrsleads. com/303tp-
172 or 172 laps ODVA, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
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