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Sinowon excellent metallographic polishing inquire now for medical devices

Sinowon excellent metallographic polishing inquire now for medical devices

Sinowon excellent metallographic polishing inquire now for medical devices

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GP-1A/GP-2A are semi-automatic grinder and polisher for metallographic specimen preparation. The strong and variable speed drive allows application for all working steps.

Product Feature

◆ Simple operation for grinding and polishing;

◆ Variable speed. Preset three fast speed buttons;

◆ Adjustable spring pressure polishing head for polishing 3 specimens independent of each other;

◆ CCW and CW direction control;

◆ The water hose with universal direction can be pulled out for cleaning the basin;

◆ Plastic disposable bowl liner for ease of cleaning;

◆ Hard anodized aluminum working wheel;

◆ Durable composite construction, antirust;

◆ Powder coated aluminum housing, durable and reliable.





Wheel (mm)

Ø203 ●Ø254










Speed of head(rpm)



Φ30x3other can be customized



Motor of Head




Paper Ring

Splash guard


Grinding paper

Polishing   Cloth

Diamond Spray

Diamond Slurry

Alumina Powder

Recirculating Tank



Sinowon excellent metallographic polishing inquire now for medical devices-2

The design of metallographic polishing contributes to the uniqueness of grinding and polishing equipment in the market. Since it can be recycled over and over again, it has prominent economic benefits
Every detail of Sinowon grinding and polishing equipment is exquisitely crafted to up to the international standards.
As for the design of grinding and polishing equipment, it is of great popularity now. Due to its outstanding fatigue resistance, this product can last for a certain period of time
The product design principle and the structure of grinding and polishing equipment have obtained national patents.
grinding and polishing equipment also has aesthetic advantages. It has a smooth surface, which makes it extremely easy to clean
The product does not fade or become dingy easily. The residual dyes adhering to the surface of the fabric are totally removed. This product has the advantage of excellent heat resistance
The product has excellent drapability. The fabric undergoes special treatment or specific blending to achieve tensile strength, stiffness, and flexural rigidity. This product is less likely to be affected by termites or mold
The product features excellent color fastness. There are no excessive dyes being deposited on the fabric surface to affect the firmness of the fabric's colorfastness. Its thicknesses can be customized according to needs
The product has enough elasticity. The density, thickness, and yarn twist of its fabric are totally enhanced during the processing. This product has the ability to retain its original luster over time
The product features excellent softness. The fabric is chemically treated by using chemical softener which absorbs the hard substances on the surface. It has the desired flexibility, thus it is easy to cut and utilize
The product stands out for its anti-fungal property. The formulas of this product contain antibacterial ingredients that do no harm to the skin. This product will be not easily scratched by sharp objects
It offers the protection of goods to be sold. It prevents damage during transport and storage from the elements, vibration, and compression through a physical layer of protection. This product is notable for excellent chemical stability
The product creates a relatively stress-free lifestyle for workers. It helps reduce everyday task fatigue and improve their working efficiency. It is perfectly great for plumbing applications
With this product, people can stay in a quiet tranquil environment. Because there will not be noises made by annoying flickering. This product is known for its strong anti-corrosion property
There’s no better way to improve people's mood than applying this product. A mix of comfort, color, and modern design will make people feel happy and self-satisfied. Since it can be recycled over and over again, it has prominent economic benefits
With this product, the complete task time is greatly shortened. Besides, it also helps increases overall productivity in the long run. The protective coating effectively helps prevent rust
This product is considered as an economical alternative to steel and concrete construction, especially when vast open spaces have to be covered. There are no burrs and cracks seen on this product
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