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Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry

Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry

Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry

AutoVision 432/542/652/862
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GBT 24762-2009
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2.5D AutoVision is a Gantry Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine, it is designed for high accuracy and large dimension measurement. Equipped with movable bridge structure, the workpiece is fixed, which can ensure measurement accuracy and stability. It is widely used in electronic industry, medical devices, LCD, aerospace and other industries measurement.

Product Characteristics

Moving bride structure, the workpiece is fixed;

Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement;

“00” grade “JINANQING”marble base and pillar, stable and reliable;

Imported open type linear scale, resolution is 0.1um, high accuracy, great stability;

Imported H grade linear guide, precision grinding ball screw and AC servo motor, ensure accuracy stability of system position;

Imported high definition color industry camera, ensure clear observation and stable measurement requirement;

6.5X continue auto zoom lens, precision auto zoom, only need to make pixel calibration once time;

Programmable 5-ring 8-division LED surface illumination, contour parallel LED illumination, can realize 256 grade brightness adjustment intelligently;

With proprietary fully auto measuring software iMeasuring 4.1, powerful function, simple operation;

Optional touch probe and laser probe, it can also be customized according to customer request;

Optional FexQMS Measuring Data Analysis and Real-time monitoring software which enhance program control and reduce material consumption.

Technical Specification

Product Name2.5D Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
X/Y-axis Travel(mm)400x300mm500x400mm600x500mm800x600mm
Z-axis Travel(mm)200mm
X/Y/Z 3-axis Linear Scale(mm)Imported Open Linear Scale, resolution:0.1um
Guidance ModeImported H grade Linear Guide,Double-Track Double Slider Guide
Operation ModeJoystick controller, Mouse operation, automatic detection program
Measurement AccuracyXY-axis:≤2+L/200(um)
Video System1/2" Color CCD Camera

6.5X Automatic Zoom Lens; Optical Magnification: 0.7X~4.5X, Video Magnification: 20X~129X(21.5”monitor)
Field of View(mm) Diagonal *  Horizontal*Vertical)Lens Magnification0.7x1x2.0x3.0x4x4.5x

IlluminationContourLED Parallel Contour Illumination

Surface5-ring 8-division 0~255 grade continue adjustable
Software SystemiMeasuring 4.1 Fully Auto Measuring Software
Load Capacity30Kg30Kg30Kg30Kg
Working EnvironmentTemperature 20℃±2℃,Humidity Range<2℃/hr,Humidity 30~80%,Vibration<0.002g,<15Hz
Packing Dimension1380x1170x1910mm1690x1300x2000mm1800x1400x2000mm2300x1700x2000mm

Product Details

Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry-2
Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry-3
Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry-4
Sinowon metrology equipment customized for industry-5

Sinowon metrology equipment is crafted from a combination of advanced technology and sophisticated equipment. Adopting high-quality chemical substances, it features good corrosion resistance
Sinowon video measuring system prices has a useful and desirable design. It allows for frequent high current discharge in a short time
These unique ideas, styles, and design features will add personality to your video measuring system prices. The logo can be printed on the case of the product
video measuring system prices is independently designed by Sinowon.
Unique texture of video measuring system prices gives a different visual experience. It has got CE, RoHS, and UL certifications
This garment has good durability. The adopted fine yarn is tightly bound, which makes the resulting fabric and garment stronger and more durable. It features low internal resistance and low power consumption
The product is impervious to the ultra harmonics in the power grid. It is built with a resistor for suppression surge which lowers the harmonics to the minimum limit. Processed by high-end technology, it can be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting the performance
It is endowed with important fabric properties for maintaining thermal comforts, such as air permeability, water or moisture (vapor) permeability/transportation and heat transmission. With high start-up performance, it enables the engine to start even in extreme weather conditions
The water treated by this product contains no sediment, rust, suspended solids, and other macromolecular organics because it is equipped with an ultrafiltration device. The important advantages over other products in the market are its thermal and chemical stability
The product features fine softness. The mechanical extrusion process squeezing and rubbing between the fibers and yarns enhances the ductility of the fabrics. It has received high recognition from customers in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, etc
It is of great commercial value. It can be used for covering huge open spaces with minimal intervention and minimal construction time. Processed by high-end technology, it can be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting the performance
Owing to the remarkable characteristics, the product is becoming increasingly widely applied in the market. The product can withstand the corrosion of acid
The product caters to the market requirements and is going to be more widely used in the market. It is guaranteed to provide high cycle stability
The product enjoys a growing reputation in the market and has great development prospects. It has got CE, RoHS, and UL certifications
The good characteristics make the product highly marketable in the global market. It is available in different voltages and capacities
The product, highly recommended by users, has great market potential. It allows for frequent high current discharge in a short time
More and more people are attracted by the huge economic benefits of this product, which has huge market potential. It features low internal resistance and low power consumption
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