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Sinowon SDT Series Dustproof (Dust-resistant) Test Chamber

Sinowon SDT Series Dustproof (Dust-resistant) Test Chamber

SDT-600 、 SDT-800 、 SDT-1000
12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days

The dust resistance test chamber (also known as sand dust test chamber, dust resistance) is mainly used for dust resistance and dust resistance tests for various automotive components, electrical and electronic components.The main test includes floating dust (F) and flowing dust (C).The tested parts include car lights, instruments, seat adjusters, electrical dust covers, lamps, steering system components, shafts, door locks, etc. for dust resistance.

Product Characteristic 

u  Large transparent windows with lights and window wipers for direct observation of internal test conditions.

uThe use of LCD color touch screen controller enables remote monitoring and operation with a computer connection.  It supports USB storage devices and can switch between Chinese and English.It controls temperature, dust blowing time, floating dust time, dust shaking time, resting time, and cycle expiration, respectively.

uThe uniform synchronous air hammer vibrates the dust-raising device, and the electrostatic elimination device can prevent a large amount of dust from accumulating on the box wall.

u It can automatically correct the dust concentration from 100mg/m³ to 60000mg/m³.

u  Automatic dust dehumidification system, which reduces the moisture content of incoming dust and stabilizes the dust quality.

u We can provide dozens of breathable and non-breathable dusts such as IEC, JIS industrial dust, Arizona dust, Portland cement, water powder, and Kanto sand.

u Discarded dust collection bag to ensure user health, automatic dust recovery device, users can reduce the need to enter the box for cleaning.







Dimensions (mm)




Exterior Dimensions


The actual product shall prevail!

Test Temperature

25~40 (natural humidity, no control)


Test Humidity

45-85%RH (natural humidity, no control)

Dust Spray Expiredd

Intermittent control, continuous operation, cycle stop (adjustable)

Test Dust

Standard machine uses talcum powder (if you need to use other sand   dust, please purchase it yourself)

Dust blowing method

Use a medium-pressure dust extraction fan to blow the test dust into   the test space

Dusting Method

Use a vibrating motor to shake the dust attached to the inner wall of   the machine back into the dust collector

Inner box material

304# stainless steel

Outer box material

Cold-rolled steel plate + powder paint

Sample Rack

304# stainless steel, the spacing between material racks can be freely   adjusted, easy to use, standard configuration

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