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Sinowon SSC-1300 Carbon arc Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

Sinowon SSC-1300 Carbon arc Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days

The weather resistance test chamber for carbon arc lamps mainly uses solar-type carbon arc lamps as the light source. By changing the temperature (sample temperature, working chamber temperature), relative humidity, rainfall, etc., it simulates the comprehensive combination of light, heat, and water conditions of outdoor climate test chambers, and conducts artificial aging tests on the photochemical and mechanical properties of the tested materials.

Product Characteristic 

u Using PLC touch screen controller, the control is stable, and the main control parameters are light irradiance, working chamber temperature, sample rack temperature, and relative humidity, which can be automatically controlled by closed loop.




Studio Dimensions(W*D*H


Exterior Dimensions


1300*1400*2050mm(The actual product shall prevail!)

Use light source


Test time per cycle

60 hours, 4 groups of carbon rods are used each time

Temperature and humidity range: subject to the Black panel temperature

Temperature Range

40~70℃, black disk   thermometer is 63±3℃ or 83±3℃

Humidity Range

When the temperature   of the black disk thermometer is 63±3℃, the humidity is 50±5%.

Environmental Conditions

Room temperature:   25±3℃, relative humidity: 65±20%

Temperature control   method

Electric control   gate, automatic adjustment of intake and exhaust, balanced control of   temperature.

Wet control mode

The immersion type   electric heater produces water vapor and controls the humidity balance.

Simulation of   rainfall water spray cycle control

Spray time can be set

Spray for 18 minutes   every 120 minutes (general type, rainfall cycle)

Spray   for 12 minutes every 60 minutes (rainy type, rainfall cycle)

No spray (dry type,   rainfall cycle)

Spray water volume

The   total water volume of the nozzle at the spray pressure of 1.0kgf/cm2 is 2.10   ± 0.10L/min

Customer water supply

10E1 water pressure   1.5~3.0kgf/cm2

Water Quality

PH6.0~8.0, use hard   water softening or pure water device when necessary

Structure and   material

The test tank is made   of stainless steel plate SUS304#, and the outer shell is made of steel plate   painted

The test tank door is equipped with an ultraviolet protection window

The insulation layer   is made of heat-resistant PU foam

Rainfall cycle time   control

Power failure memory   device (0-999min) with flow control: two-stage pressure regulation, pressure   gauge and flowmeter (0-3.01/min)

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