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Sinowon STT-216C High and low temperature damp heat explosion-proof test chamber

Sinowon STT-216C High and low temperature damp heat explosion-proof test chamber

12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days


1. Commodity

1.1 Commodity

1.2 Model

High and low temperature damp heat   explosion-proof test chamber


2. Purpose and description

2.1 Scope of application

This equipment is suitable for   conducting environmental simulation reliability tests such as high and low   temperature constant and gradual changes, and damp heat tests on various   electrical and electronic products and other products, components, and materials.

Other uses may cause personal injury   and equipment damage!

2.2 Sample limit

1. Test and storage of flammable,   explosive, and volatile substance samples

2. Testing and storage of corrosive   substance samples and biological samples for testing or storage

3. Test and storage of strong   electromagnetic emission source samples

3. Volume and size

3.1 Accumulated volume

About 216L

3.2 Inner box size

W (width) 600 mm * H (height) 600 mm * D (depth) 600 mm

3.3 Outer box size

W (width) 850mm * H (height) 1750mm * D (depth) 1550mm

Reminder: The external dimensions should be confirmed according   to the final design and the three-view drawing shall prevail!

4. Performance (the following indicators are the performance   under no load)

4.1 Condition requirements

Ambient temperature 10℃-28℃, when no load (high ambient   temperature will affect the cooling effect)

4.2 Temperature range

Temperature: -40℃ to +150℃

4.4 Temperature fluctuation

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

4.5 Temperature deviation

Temperature: ≤±1℃ (the average temperature displayed by the   workroom temperature controller minus the average temperature measured at the   center point)

4.6 Temperature uniformity

≤2℃ (temperature uniformity is the arithmetic mean of the   difference between the highest and lowest measured temperatures in each test)

4.7 Temperature alternating ability

The temperature rise   rate is from 0℃~+100℃≥1℃/min, with average non-linearity throughout the   process and no load

The cooling rate is   from +20℃ to -40℃, ≥1℃/min, with average non-linearity throughout the   process, no load

4.8 Wind speed

The wind speed on the surface of the   test sample is ≤0.6m/s (measured at 4 points on the middle layer of the box),   and the device width direction is vertical.

Place 2 samples directly.The top   orifice plate of the box provides air.

4.9 Load

Mainly used for battery module and   cell testing, with a maximum load weight of no more than 100 kg.

The overall dimensions of the sample belt   clamp are not more than: 400mm x 200mm×150mm (W*D*H), with two samples placed   vertically in the width direction inside the box.

4.10 Noise

Noise ≤ 65dB (measured in a soundproof   room with an ambient temperature of 25°C and low echo; using A weighting, the   average value of 8 test points was tested; each test point was 1 meter   horizontally from the noise source and 1 meter above the ground).

Noise reduction scheme:

1. The main noise source, such as the   compressor, is equipped with a damping spring, which can reduce noise and   reduce the damage factor caused by vibration to the equipment, extending the   service life of the equipment.

2. The inner wall of the refrigeration   unit is fitted with high-quality thickened sound-absorbing cotton, which can   effectively reduce the noise effect of the refrigeration unit.

3. The compressor and the pipeline are   connected with standard vibration-absorbing hoses.

4.11 Power consumption

This   mechanism cooling system uses cold balance technology control, PID control of   solenoid valve switch control of refrigerant flow to control cooling capacity   according to the temperature demand inside the box, achieving the effect of   cooling without heating and heating without cooling.

4.12 Meet the test standards

1. GB2423.1-2008/IEC6008-2-1-2007 Environmental   Testing for Electric and Electronic Products - Part 2: Test Methods - Test A:   Low Temperature

2. GB/T 2423.2-2008 Environmental Testing for   Electric and Electronic Products - Part 2: Test Methods - Test B: High   Temperature

3. GJB150.3A-2009 High Temperature Test Method

4. GJB150.4A-2009 Low Temperature Test Method

5. GB2423.22-2008 Environmental Testing for   Electric and Electronic Products - Part 2: Test Methods - Test Nb:   Temperature Change at a Specified Rate of Temperature Change

6. GB/T 10589-2008 Technical Conditions for Low   Temperature Test Chamber

7. GB/T10592-2008 Technical Specifications for   High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

8. GB/T11158-2008 Technical Specifications for   High Temperature Test Chamber

9. GB/T5170.18-2005 Verification Method for Basic   Parameters of Test Equipment

5. Structural part


5.1 Structural Features

The design of this equipment adopts functional module design,   with the main circuit, freezing configuration, and water system placed   independently in functional sections (including dust-proof and heat   dissipation design for the circuit space) to achieve isolation between the   water circuit, circuit, and freezing system, making the system safer and more   reliable.

5.2 Structural materials and processes

Outer box: material: cold-rolled steel plate 1.2mm thick,   painted (shell RAL7024 gray, door RAL9003 white)

Inner box: SUS304 stainless steel 1.0mm seamless welding forming

The cover plate of the circuit and freezing parts adopts a key   switch design for convenient maintenance and repair

5.3 Thermal insulation envelope   structure

High temperature resistant insulation material: rigid   polyurethane foam, layer thickness: 100mm

5.4 Air conditioning channel

Built in air chamber, circulating air duct and   stainless steel circulating fan, the wind blows out evenly from the top   through the top back leaf window and diffuser, and the temperature in the   mixing chamber is distributed to the test space, so as to achieve the purpose   of uniform temperature control

5.5 Observation window

Observation window: one transparent electrothermal film hollow   tempered glass (located on the door),

It is equipped with a 3-layer vacuum large glass observation   window with heat-generating anti-perspiration,

Visible range: W300mm×H400mm;including the range of the   illuminating lamp.There is an explosion-proof net inside

5.6 door

Single door (explosion-proof   chains with a diameter of 8mm are installed at the four corners of the door,   with a buffer tensile strength of 12MPa. There are 4 explosion-proof chains   per floor, and 8 explosion-proof chains for each device)

explosion-proof handle

Vacuum automatic defogging   transparent window

window lamp

5.7 Control panel

External embedded touch screen for better   screen protection

5.8 Casters

Fuma caster

5.9 Door handle

Thickened door handle, designed for   easier operation, with lock

5.10 External communication port

RJ45 interface and USB interface

5.11 Test Hole

There are 2 units on each side of the machine, 100mm apart.

The test port is integrated with the mold for better sealing and   easier operation

5.12 Product placement rack

Using 304# stainless steel punching   and bending into a mesh, the spacing between material racks can be adjusted.   The standard configuration is 1 piece per layer, with a uniform load capacity   of 100KG per layer. Each layer is also equipped with 1 piece of epoxy   insulation board

5.13 Water inlet

Water inlet

6. Circuit system and main components


6.1 Power distribution process

According to GB7251, GB2681, GB/T2682, GB50171, GB50256, and in   combination with the actual situation of the company and equipment, the   primary and secondary installation and wiring of electrical equipment should   meet the design control requirements, be tidy and beautiful, and be   convenient for inspection.


6.2 Power switch

6.3 Weak current power supply circuit

Switching power supply

6.4 Load circuit

AC contactor

6.5 Sensor

PT100 platinum resistance is an electrical sensor

6.6 Temperature and humidity control circuit

Solid State Relay (SSR)

6.7 Safety protection circuit

air switch

7. Air supply temperature measurement   system and various safety alarms


7.1 Air supply mode

Centrifugal fan, with adjustable side guide vane, can be   adjusted from top to bottom

7.2 Circulating motor

Low-voltage asynchronous high-temperature long-axis motor

7.3 Wind wheel

Multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan, strengthened shaft, high   and low temperature resistant rotating blade made of aluminum alloy

7.4 Smoke alarm device

Each floor is equipped with a smoke alarm, installed on the top   of the equipment, with an external smoke alarm box that uses a pressure   differential inhalation sensor to detect gas inside the box. Once smoke is   detected, an alarm is immediately triggered to stop the machine, accompanied   by an audible and visual alarm.

7.5 Sprinkler fire fighting system

A 4-inch solid cone sprinkler is installed on the top of each   layer, with an external pipe diameter of 4-inch internal threads, which can   be connected to the user's tap water system for later user access to fire   water for water sprinkling and fire suppression

7.6 Pressure relief valve

A 120*120mm pressure relief hole is opened on the left side of   each layer, covered by a pressure relief door that opens in case of abnormal   pressure. The door is equipped with an explosion-proof chain with a diameter   of 8

7.7 User power socket

Two 5-hole power sockets (AC220V/10A) are reserved on the left   side of the equipment.

8. Freezing system and main components


8.1   Refrigeration method

This system uses   mechanical compression refrigeration, consisting of a compressor, condenser,   expansion valve, and evaporator. The refrigerant boils at a pressure and   temperature lower than the temperature of the cooled object or fluid.The   compressor continuously pumps the vapor generated in the evaporator and   compresses it to condensation pressure, then sends it to the condenser, where   it is cooled and condensed at constant pressure under pressure. The heat   released by the refrigerant during cooling and condensation is transferred to   the cooling medium (usually water or air). The condensation temperature   corresponding to the condensation pressure must be higher than the   temperature of the cooling medium.The condensed liquid enters the evaporator   through an expansion valve or other throttling components

The cooling medium of this equipment is air


8.3 System process

1) Gas shielded welding of oxygen-free copper   tube:

This method avoids the damage caused by oxides on   the inner wall of copper pipes in traditional welding methods to the   refrigeration system and compressor.

2) Vibration reduction measures:

A) Compressor: spring damping, thickened and   reinforced chassis, to avoid chassis resonance

B) Refrigeration system: optimize the piping path   to reduce bends.Set up accurate and reasonable fixing clamps to avoid   resonance in the pipeline.

3) Heat preservation: using imported Folex CLASS0   high-quality insulation pipe to prevent condensation and reduce loss

8.4 Compressor

Fully enclosed low-noise compressors have lower energy   consumption, better cooling speed, and long service life

8.5 Refrigerant

Non-fluorine environmentally friendly HFC R404A (ozone depletion   index is 0)

8.6 Condenser

High-efficiency condenser for water pipes.

8.7 Evaporator

High-efficiency multi-stage evaporator with hydrophilic film   fins (thickened fin type)

8.8 Freezing pipeline switch

The battery valve Sagamiya can be switched on and off for 5   million times



8.9 Throttling device

Thermostatic expansion valve

8.11 Other accessories

All are high-quality products of international first-line brands   (right: dry filter)

9. Heating and humidifying system and main components


9.1 Heating system

electric heating

Temperature control method: The controller PID controls the heat   output of the heating tube through a solid-state relay (contactless periodic   pulse switch) to stabilize the temperature (dry bulb temperature)

9.2 Heating tube

Finned nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tube

9.3 Water replenishment of gauze tank

Using calculation to quantitatively supplement water according   to different temperature and humidity conditions, reducing the impact of the   water supply system on humidity, and displaying humidity more quickly and   accurately

9.4 Humidification system

Shallow water tray humidification (built-in humidification   tray), fast humidification speed, high control accuracy, easy to clean.

Humidity control method: The controller PID controls the heat   output of the humidification tube through a solid-state relay (contactless   periodic pulse switch) to stabilize the humidity (wet bulb temperature).


9.5 Humidification tube

The humidification tube is made of fully stainless steel   seamless casing, with an insulation resistance greater than 50MΩ and an   anti-dry-burning controller

9.6 Rear water tank

Convenient for maintenance, capacity 10 liters

9.7 Water filtration system

RO membrane

9.8 Water replenishment device

Automatic water replenishment for gauze tank and humidification   tray

10. Controller (using Kunlun Tongtai screen + Q1-TEST   self-developed controller)


10.1 Control mode

High-precision resistive touch screen + QV.1 temperature control   module.



10.2 Display

7-inch TFT true color LCD display.(Resolution 800*480)

10.3 Input

2 sets of inputs, supporting PT100 thermocouple T, K, E, etc.

10.4 Precision

0.1 high-precision sampling

10.5 System capacity

50 sets of programs * 50 segments (can be cycled 999 times   respectively), the number of segments required for each set of programs can   be arbitrarily divided, and each set of programs can be freely linked to each   other (up to 10 steps of linking)

10.6 Operating mode

Fixed value (slope)/program operation mode

10.7 Output mode

 PID+SSR/SCR automatic   forward and reverse synchronous output

10.8 Software function

Interface types   supported:

RJ-45 Ethernet   interface (TCP/IP MODBUS RTU)

RS-485 interface   (optional)

It has local and   remote communication functions and can connect up to 16 devices   simultaneously


Remote   monitoring/setting (fixed value, program)/operation, fault alarm, timing   setting, curve recording/display

Compatible   systems:

English,   simplified or traditional Chinese Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit),   Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)

11. Protection function


11.1 Standard configuration

1. Test sample overtemperature protection (independent)

2. The main power supply is equipped with a leakage protection   circuit breaker switch

3. Heater overtemperature protection switch

4. Compressor overload and overheat

5. Compressor high pressure protection

6. System overcurrent protection

7. Water shortage protection

12. Other components


12.1 Optional accessories

12.2 Shipping and acceptance data

1. Operation manual and maintenance manual

2. Control system software and software data

3. Equipment drawings: circuit diagrams, etc.

4. This equipment has been tested by our company's quality   inspection center before leaving the factory, and an inspection report with a   valid period of one year has been issued

5. Acceptance form, etc.

6. Control linkage protocol

13. Installation conditions for use


13.1. Equipment operating environment

1. Ambient temperature: 5℃-35℃

Relative humidity: not more than 85%R.H

3. Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa

4. Flat and vibration-free ground;

5. Choose a well-ventilated area without direct sunlight or   other direct radiation sources;

6. There is no strong airflow around: When the surrounding air   needs to be forced to flow, the airflow should not directly blow onto the   box;

7. There is no strong electromagnetic field around;

8. There is no high concentration of dust or corrosive   substances around

13.2. Use power voltage single layer

1. Connect to the power supply 380V AC (±10%)

Three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire, grounding   resistance ≤4Ω;

The power switch uses a 3P 32 A air switch

2. Maximum power of the machine: about 5 KW. The machine adopts   energy-saving design, and the operating power is about 1.5 KW/H when the   temperature is constant.Single unit

3. Maximum operating current: about 15 A (single unit)

4. Power frequency: 50±0.5Hz

Please note that the   customer should lead the main power cable within 3 meters of the equipment!

13.3. Test product placement

Products placed on the same horizontal plane cannot cover more   than two-thirds of the area, and cannot block the air outlet and return air   inlet (at least 10cm away from the air outlet and return air inlet)

14. After-sales service                   



Free training for   customers' operators and maintenance personnel (at the company's or   customer's location).

The warranty period of the   equipment shall be effective from the date of acceptance for a period of   three years.

During the warranty period,   the seller is responsible for free repair or replacement of accessories for   any malfunction of the equipment caused by non-human operation.

Outside the warranty   period, the cost of replacing parts and certain service fees will be charged   for the repair of the equipment.

15. Equipment daily maintenance                  


15.1. Executive standards

Regularly clean the water system (humidifying water cup,   humidifying water tank, water tank, pipeline) to prevent long-term water   quality dirt from hindering water flow and causing malfunction.

2. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the water   should be drained completely.

Regularly clean the dust on the condenser and compressor to   prevent dust from affecting the cooling effect of the condenser.

4. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please check   the absorbency of the gauze before using it again.


List of main materials



Specification (W*H*D)

 Place of Origin



A.   Structural part

box body


integrated type



air conditioning box


stainless steel



Unit and control box


Cold-rolled steel plate paint





stainless steel and iron plate



cycle motor





B. Refrigeration part

compressor, compressor

Taikang or Sanyo

completely dense

France or Japan




barrel type





6/8 fin type



oil separator


AW series



a desiccator





solenoid valve

Lugong Temple




Expansion valve





Evaporation pressure regulating valve





Refrigerant and consumables

Du Pont


United States


C Control part

controller, control unit





phase sequence protector





Switching power supply



Taiwan, China


sensor device

Min Yang


Taiwan, China


Power switch


3P 32A








Heating tube


Finned nickel-chromium alloy



Solid-state relay

Yu Electric





Jin Longyu




The above accessories are for reference only, and no further   notice will be given if they are replaced

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