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Sinowon Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Alternating Box

Sinowon Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Alternating Box

Walk-in High and Low Temperature Test Chamber、Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber、Walk-in Aging Room
12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days

The walk-in environmental laboratory is divided into (walk-in constant temperature and humidity laboratory, walk-in high and low temperature (hot and humid) laboratory, and walk-in aging room), which provides large-scale parts, semi-finished products, finished products, temperature and humidity environmental testing for the industry, such as: computer terminals, automotive parts and furniture, electronic and electrical products, toys, batteries, displays, automotive electronics, power supplies, motherboards, monitors, switchable chargers, etc. It is suitable for testing products with large quantities and large volumes of test equipment.

Product Characteristic 

uThe storage board material is made of stainless steel and steel plate paint, with a strong structure, waterproof, and beautiful appearance.The internal volume can be enlarged freely, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be designed according to customer needs.

u LCD touch screen controller, Chinese and English display, easy to operate.

u The original imported compressor uses environmentally friendly refrigerant, and the refrigeration system uses a binary low-temperature loop system design to increase equipment life.

uUtilize the multi-wing blower powerful air circulation system to avoid any dead zones and ensure even indoor temperature and humidity distribution.

uMultiple expansion functions:The control system is connected to the computer via an RS-232 interface, allowing users to set programs on the computer screen, collect test data and records, call program execution, and remotely control machine switches.A specially designed low-humidity dehumidification device can reach a minimum temperature of 5°C to 5%RH.An external temperature and humidity recorder can be added to provide a real-time temperature recording curve.

u Complete safety protection device:

When an abnormal situation occurs, the controller screen automatically displays the fault status, cuts off the power switch, and provides troubleshooting methods.


Product Type

Walk-in High   and Low Temperature Test Chamber

Walk-in Constant   Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Walk-in Aging   Room

Workroom Volume

The size   is customized according to customer requirements

Temperature   Range

Maximum   test temperature: 150℃, minimum temperature: -70℃, -40℃, -20℃

Humidity Range


Rate of   temperature rise and drop

1℃~15℃/min   (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Inner box   material

Stainless   steel material (SUS-304)

Outer box   material

PVC steel   plate paint

Door Size

Can be   customized according to customer requirements

Insulating   Material

Fireproof   PU foam 110mm (150mm)

Refrigeration   Method

Single-stage refrigeration, below -40℃ (including)   double-stage cascade refrigeration, air cooling

Power Supply


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