slide projector microscope

by:Sinowon     2020-02-26
Hi, in this manual I will teach you how to turn the slide machine into a microscope.
It\'s relatively easy to do. You\'ll need; 1-
Slide show 2-knife(
Preferred operating knife)3-an onion(my sample)4-forceps(
I used a pair of tweezers)5-
Slide 6 projector-
Free time 7-10 minutes(optional)
A solution of Blue (
For dyeing samples)
Type 1 that can be ink blue with a pen-
Cut the onion in half after scraping it.
Cutting a piece of one of the concentric rings-
Remove the internal white film of just cut 4 pieces with tweezers
5-dye the sample with nail blue solution or tap water pen ink
Keep it dry for 5 minutes 6-
Turn on the projector slide and put the sample in 7-
Close the slide and pop up in project tor8-
Turn on the projector and adjust the focus to get the best performance to clean the lens of the projector, the higher all these lenses and the curved mirror behind the lamp, the better the projector lumens (
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