Some tiny or microscopic samples or specimens

by:Sinowon     2020-06-03
Microscope slides are available in glass, plastic or you can use transparency film cut to the same size of 1 x 3 inches. Plastic slide mailers: Plastic polyethylene slide mailer or PP slide mailer has an easily slideable but strong resealable clasp. Labeling and clarity of the slide details is of great importance. Such details are available on top of the slide mailer and also transparently along the sides. The labels may be laminated. A 5- slide mailer has a flip-top, snap-on lid for ease of opening. It is strong and durable. When it stands in its upright position, it can be used as a staining container, with a minimal amount of solution being used. In light microscopy, specimens are colored using various specific dyes to color or stain a specific type of tissue, bacteria, or cellular component to differentiate, test or isolate some of the contents for specific purpose. The UniMailer is a new model mailer which can easily be used for handling and shipping one or as many slides as needed with one type of mailer made from polystyrene. It is a one-slide tray. The slide tray is secured by a special locking mechanism. A notable identification is through a label. Each tray allows for the placing of slide in a horizontal position for full visibility. It accommodates 25 x 75 mm (1' x 3') slides with or without cover glass. The mailer measures 89 mm x 29 mm x 6 mm in size. Identification can be made on three sides or on top. The mailer is available in many popular pastel colors for easy identification. Cardboard slide mailers: There are cardboard slidemailers too. Cardboard slidemailers are designed for the safe, easy handling of microscope slides. They are offered in 1 or 2 slide sizes and securely hold 1' x 3' slides which may have a cover glass. These reusable cardboard slidemailers are of a lighter weight to minimize postage costs. For an easy slide removal off pack, they have a space like a cut in space for a finger. An opening edge that has a cover that opens for viewing the slides is available. Any details or notifications can be done at the flat surface area of the slidemailer. Ref: Google books/ articles/ microscopic products
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