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by:Sinowon     2020-01-05
version 1.
0: build PC: Introduction: This project is a height measurement tool based on arduino and ultrasonic sensing.
Accurate measurement of the exact height of any object or product in the industry is very important and critical for maintaining the quality and desired functionality.
Based on the above principles,
It is user friendly and just needs to put the object in the box.
Other measuring tools :(i)
It is possible to measure compressed objects when using some common distance or height measurement tools (such as Venire caliper) to measure compressed or soft objects, we get an inappropriate measurement, because all measurements have the chin of the extruded object.
However, in the case of a sonar height meter, there is no Gripper to compress the object, so we can accurately measure the distance or height of the object in which it can be compressed. (ii)
Special skills are not required: Most height/distance measuring tools such as Venire calipers, screw gauges, etc. measure the height of the object, and measuring the object accurately and accurately requires some special skills and experience.
But it\'s very easy to use a sonar height meter, you just need to put your object in it. (iii)
Improvement of movement and accuracy: precision ultrasonic sensors can measure the height of objects more accurately than other common height measurement tools such as Venire calipers, screw gauges. (iv)
Quick to learn more: rigid box, here I used a simple wooden box built by our neighbor uncle Carpenter. 2.
Electronic components used (i)
Arduino UNO :(ii )HC-
SR04 ultrasonic sensor :(iii)
LCD display :(iv)
Jumper Cables: Note: it is highly recommended to purchase components from my link as they are sold at the best price by reliable dealers. (i)
Arduino UNO: the Arduino board is actually a specially designed board for programming and prototyping digital devices and interactive objects using Atmel micro-controllers that can sense and control the physical world
I use it to calculate the height of the object and display it on the LCD screen. (ii )HC-
SR04 ultrasonic sensor: HC-
The SR04 ultrasonic sensor uses sonar to determine the distance from objects such as bats or dolphins.
It provides excellent non-
Contact range detection with high accuracy and stable readingto-
Use the packaging from 2 cm to 400 cm or 1 \"to 13 feet.
Its operation is not affected by sunlight or black material
Although acoustic soft materials like cloth are hard to detect).
Equipped with ultrasonic transmitter and receiver module. (iii)
LCD Display: here I used the 16x2 LCD display as the interface medium between the micro controller and the user. (iii)
LCD Display: that\'s it.
If your box is not 31 cm high then look for the height of the display and Change 31 to the height of the display at: \"height = 31-(ultrasonic. R \"(in the program)
If you get irrelevant results, check to see if there is any wire loss.
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