Speed Thrills : New 100-MPH Roller Coaster Will Be World\'s Tallest, Fastest

by:Sinowon     2020-03-17
Six Flags Magic Mountain has begun to build the world\'s highest and fastest roller coaster, which will take advantage of the countryof-the-
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Mouth-watering 100 miles per hour.
Superman: Escape is scheduled to open later in May at the start of the busy season in the theme park.
Six-flag officials declined to disclose the cost of the trip, but said it was the biggest expense in park history, surpassing the $11 million spent on the Batman roller coaster in 1994.
While the cost may be dwarfed by the tens of millions of dollars Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood often spend on animation --
The fully loaded rides, when it comes to pure speed, do not have a penny for the six flags.
\"Superman\" was designed to race along a flat track, reaching the highest speed in a blurry seven seconds.
It then goes up 415 feet straight and gives the rider a sense of loss for 6 minutes.
5 seconds before they fall back to the starting point.
\"People have been talking about 100-
\"In the past century, there have been roller coasters every hour,\" says Paul L . \"
Reuben, North American editor of International Trade Magazine park world.
\"The roller coaster arms race has been slowly rising, but it is a leap forward in anything that exists.
\"The current record of speed and height is saved by Desperado coaster of Nev Stateline. The 2-year-
Old attractions use traditional chain lifts to pull cars to a height of 225 feet, releasing them from steep drops at a speed of 94 miles per hour.
\"Superman\" will use a synchronous linear motor instead of relying on gravity.
This technology-which the U. S.
The Navy is working on launching a jet from an aircraft carrier. -
Use roughly the same force that causes the two magnets to reject each other. The ride\'s six-
The ton car is equipped with a powerful magnet that passes through the magnetic elements placed on the track every few feet.
The magnet is repelled by every continuous element, pushing the rider faster and faster.
\"You will be accelerated at about 1.
5 Gs, \"said Harold Hudson, senior vice president of chain Engineering at Time Warner Six Flags theme park.
\"So your cheeks will be like the people on the rocket sled.
\"This speed leaves room for turns and loops. The Swiss-built ride--
Its parallel track can accommodate each car-
It will extend 900 feet kilometers from the center of the park to the northern border.
The subsequent vertical climb burns at the same time giving the rider a floating feeling that roller coaster enthusiasts call \"air time.
\"From a physics point of view, you\'re at zero Gs,\" Hudson said . \".
\"You can put a pencil in front of you, and when you climb up the tower it will remain in front of you and remain in front of you all the time.
\"On most traditional roller coasters, if you\'re lucky, you\'ll experience a second or less flight time,\" says Ruben.
This will be a whole new experience for your stomach.
\"On the return trip, when the car re-enters a starter house that looks like a Superman fortress, the effect of the emc element is reversed to slow down the car.
In the highly competitive theme park industry, Six Flags will open \"Superman\" at the same time as parks in other parts of the country announce major progress in free opening\"fall and air-powered rides.
\"Every park likes to have some sort of bragging right,\" says Ruben . \".
\"All these bragging rights are pale compared to \'superhuman.
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