star trek-style medical device uses laser beams to diagnose illness

by:Sinowon     2020-01-07
A Star Trek-
Pressing the button to diagnose the medical order type of a medical problem may be one step closer to reality.
Researchers at Aston University in Birmingham have developed a working desktop prototype of a machine that can use lasers to read readings from blood and human tissues. googletag. {});
It has been successfully tried out at Dundee\'s Ninewells Hospital, while developing a portable prototype-an application other than medicine.
Researchers have created a device that they think will have both medical and non-medical devices at the same time.
Medical applications (
Aston University/PA)
Developer of Aston Institute of Photon Technology (AIPT)
The company said it allowed a series of tests to be conducted \"quickly and painlessly.
Innovation means fantasy ideas that have been described in Science Fiction.
Doctors who use tricorders to easily diagnose various diseases may soon become a reality.
This machine uses three separate lasers to monitor the efficiency of blood delivery to the tissue and to measure blood
Oxygen levels and cell metabolism. googletag. {});
It works by shining a laser on the patient\'s skin and the patient doesn\'t feel anything.
The computer then processes the data immediately and reprocesses it
Made as a chart.
The device already has practical applications for diagnostic procedures for stroke and skin cancer and is not
Because there is no needle is necessary, it is invasive.
It can continuously monitor the blood delivery above the eyebrows and help doctors reduce the risk of stroke in patients with high blood pressure.
In cancer patients, the researchers said,
Accurate identification of the margin of skin cancer in the head and neck, which helps to reduce the risk of tumor recurrence.
A wearable display prototype has been developed that athletes can wear on their wrists.
The university recently launched Aston medical technology to commercialize its inventions.
Professor Edik Rafailov of AIPT said: \"This technique will allow a series of tests to be carried out quickly and painlessly, and there is no reason for the patient to feel nervous-no needle involvement.
\"The result is immediate, which is better for patients and more effective for healthcare providers.
His colleague and senior researcher Dr. Sergey Sokolovsky said: \"We have succeeded in integrating multiple technologies into a compact machine, which is simple to use and has a very large number of users from the patient\'s point of view. friendly. googletag. {});
\"In terms of improving the speed of diagnostic work and reducing invasive testing, this is a big step forward. ”-
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