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by:Sinowon     2020-01-30
At the end of November 1, I began to get nervous.
My question is a Christmas present. tool people.
I am sure that if you are a person who buys clothes, jewelry and slippers for tool lovers, this will be reversed.
This is where I can help.
All year I have a running list of cool new toolsrelated items.
Do you know anyone with a chainsaw?
They may then be plagued by the same problems most chainsaw users encounter: keep sharp and cut well.
Even if you know how to sharpen the chainsaw with a file (
Most casual users will not)
This job takes longer than some of us like to invest.
That\'s why I started investigating electric saw chain sharpeners earlier this year.
The best model I have ever used is spin fouror five-
An inch round stone in a rotating mechanism for use in the leading edge of the grinded saw chain cutter.
There are cheap models in the market (about $100)
But they are not accurate enough to work well.
Oregon 108181 offers the best compromise between the price and the value I found.
It is simpler to use than a professional chain pencil sharpener (
Fewer correct settings)
But it still does very well.
In addition to the fast sharpening saw chain, another benefit of this mode is precision.
The shape of each tooth is exactly the same as its neighbor, making sure the sawing arrow-straight.
The cutting edge is extremely sharp-at least as good as the brand new chain.
The suggested retail price of 108181 is $319.
Find a local Canadian distributor at www. oregonchain. ca.
Oregon Motor Ax is a versatile, expensive electric pencil sharpener that also includes an on-
Board lights that illuminate the work area.
Want to spend less?
Take a look at some of the latest Ryobi tools.
The company has been producing good tools at high prices, and this year they have expanded their product line, including a bunch of electronic tools that I was particularly impressed.
Based on their new four Volt tek3 lithium-
Ion battery platform, including infrared thermometer ($79)
This is useful for remote evaluation of excess heat loss areas in your home;
A pair of audio headphones that suppress noise ($69. 99)
This also allows auxiliary input from the iPod; a jobsite-
Eight-pixel digital camera ($199)
For recording construction projects;
Digital Multimeter for electrical trouble shooting ($89);
Laser ranging device ($159)
Tape measure for rough measurement;
A digital lock box ($69. 99)
Used to control access to buildings and tool boxes; a self-
Laser leveling ($129)
Used to align tiles, cabinets, wallpaper, hanging ceilings and anything that needs to be vertical or horizontal;
And motion sense alarm ($49. 99)
It will let you know when someone or something enters a specific space.
There is also an LED flashlight in the tek4. it provides six hours of continuous light during one charge.
A battery and a dual-port charger for these products cost $39. 99.
After trying out the tek4. tool in the past few months, I was impressed with the value, design and quality of this line.
Do you need something to put socks on?
The tape measure is always a good Christmas gift for a handy person as the tape measure they are using now will eventually wear and break.
A lot of rubbish is disguised as a tape measure, so if you really care about your handy people, buy them a box of Stanley FatMax tape measure.
In my experience, they have always been the hardest, longest, and easiest to use.
The latest model also has a wide extension hook at the end, which makes it easy to keep the end of the tape in its proper position during use.
More convenient-
Holiday gift ideas?
Check out my 2009 list on www. stevemaxwell.
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