Talking about the basic working principle of precision image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-04-28

The former precision measuring instrument we are familiar with is the image measuring instrument, also known as the image measuring instrument, the two-dimensional image instrument, or the second element for short. It is one of the most widely used precision measuring instruments. Literally we can see that the so-called two-dimensional image measuring instrument is an image measuring instrument that mainly detects two-dimensional data of a workpiece. Since the 3D image measuring instrument is mainly used for 2D inspection, we have developed and produced 3D on the basis of 2D. This is what we usually call three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine or three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. Basically with advanced inspection functions, it is the main inspection tool for mold inspection. When using a two-dimensional image measuring instrument and a three-dimensional coordinate instrument, the measuring instrument is in use, and we will divide it into manual and automatic two-dimensional and three-dimensional coordinates according to the operating mode of the instrument. In the current market, we use more common CNC 2D and CNC 3D, because they can more accurately detect the parameters and data we need, and the operation is more convenient. Among the commonly used precision measuring instruments, in addition to two-dimensional imagers and three-dimensional measuring instruments, there is also a special high-precision measuring instrument, that is, the 2.5-dimensional and three-dimensional coordinates between the two. On the basis of the two-dimensional element, a probe is added to realize a simple three-dimensional detection function. This is why we call it 2.5-dimensional. Whether it is jtvms two-dimensional, QA automatic image measuring instrument or QVS automatic three-dimensional or 2.5-dimensional, their basic function is to better detect the workpiece and provide a guarantee for the safe production of the product, so we say that the precision measurement instrument is a modern industrial production An indispensable test instrument in the field.

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