'Ten City, ten thousand' is the application of

by:Sinowon     2020-05-30
This demonstration project is selected more lights, tunnel lights and drive a greater impact on product supply three aspects of its technical progress, as the 'city of ten thousand ten,' the smooth implementation of the reference. Currently, traditional light sources for road lighting high pressure sodium lamp is mainly, LED lights on the main roads in a number of supporting applications for a pilot, but both have shown significant differences between the pros and cons. In terms of light efficiency, high pressure sodium lamps up to 140 lm / W, than the current commercial high-power LED light efficiency 100 lm / W high, but the LED's color-rendering index (about 80) is much more than high pressure sodium (about 25) , and under the same illumination, white LED drivers or pedestrians more useful to identify the target, the road lighting effects and comfort is much higher than the high-pressure sodium lamps. In the light efficiency, high pressure sodium light by spherical design, considering the reflector efficiency, high pressure sodium lamps efficiency is usually only 70%. But the LED is directed out of light, such as the use of appropriate optical design, most of the light directly projected onto the pavement, lighting efficiency can be up to 85% or more. Therefore, light efficiency and luminaire efficiency only from the point of view, we can see LED lamps to replace the traditional street light the great potential. Therefore, this article from the Research Center of Sun Yat-sen semiconductor lighting system in the development of LED lighting applications in the process of distribution of light, power and cooling technology in three key research achievements to focuses on the 'Ten City, ten thousand,' Demonstration Application Engineering close 'LED lights' of the technology roadmap and technical support. Light distribution Obtained by optical design intensity distribution of the bat wing LED lights on the market today, the light source is divided in two ways: 1 W high-power single white LED light source arrays and high-power integrated module package. Although the LED lights in the national standards have not yet introduced, but the LED lights with light in the reference standard of conventional road lighting lighting requirements to achieve the following objectives: appropriate average surface brightness; high total illumination uniformity and vertical illumination uniformity; appropriate environment than; glare control. Distribution curve from the point of view, these objectives to be achieved mainly through a suitable optical design to obtain the intensity distribution of the bat wing to get on the road rectangular spot distribution. But ordinary high-power white light LED package lens (ie one optical lens) is not suitable for direct application LED lights, so every high-power white LED in an optical lens optical lens on the need to add the second, the current 'peanuts' The second type of optical lens can achieve good results. Semiconductor Research Center, Sun Yat-sen lighting system design concept is developed by a separate second optical lens, but packaged in a light-emitting LED light source for direct wave-shaped optical lens mask design, the use of masks to achieve the LED lens light source lamp The second optical lens functions. With the industrial packaging industry needs to move closer to the downstream application, Research Center of Sun Yat-sen semiconductor lighting system has also developed a special shape design of optical lens, the LED chip package when installed directly, with small, low cost, full compliance with LED lights and road lighting requirements With the advances in packaging technology, the white LED in the packages by the single high-power LED 1W high power devices integrated package to gradually shift the light source module. The current high-power light source module integrated package of up to 100W or more power, but such light emitting area as large as the optical light distribution design difficult. Semiconductor Research Center, Sun Yat-sen lighting systems enhance the development of high-power white LED red light intelligent control system technology, you can get more than 90 color-rendering index, correlated color temperature of 2500 ~ 8000K adjustable light source module (Figure 2). The technology used in the packaging substrate integrated photoelectric conversion chips, real-time monitoring of the white color light source module parameters, photoelectric conversion chip to detect parameters of the white color changes back to the intelligent control system, lighting system through the calculation to ensure can output the optimal properties of the white color, light source modules can guarantee to maintain the set output range of correlated color temperature and color rendering index; package substrate temperature sensor is integrated on the chip package substrate to detect the temperature in real time to achieve the large Power LED chip junction temperature, indirect monitoring system when the junction temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the system can automatically adjust the cooling channels or cooling system reduces the power LED. The light source module can be single 1 W high power white LED array, or in high-power light source module integrated package be composed, has been used in LED lights on.
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