The advantages of image measuring instrument about fully automatic image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-09

The advantages of the image measuring instrument regarding the fully automatic image measuring instrument. In the precision image inspection instrument, we can divide it into two-dimensional image measurement, gauge and coordinate measuring machine according to the specific image of the instrument. They are various instruments commonly used in two industrial productions, and customers are buying instruments and equipment. We will only choose one according to our own needs, and then we must re-select the type of each precision instrument, that is, it is divided into manual type and automatic type according to the operation mode. In the current precision image inspection industry, whether it is two-dimensional coordinates or three-dimensional coordinates, manual machines have been slowly replaced by fully automatic imagers. So, what are the advantages of fully automated applications compared to manual applications? Two-dimensional elements or some other daily necessities, we choose them, and the final factor that must be considered is cost-effectiveness. Only products with higher cost performance will eventually be favored, so how does the cost performance of automatic test instruments compare to manual testing? Compared with manual machines, the price of automatic machines cannot be compared. The price is only tens of thousands, and the price of an automatic instrument is hundreds of thousands. Therefore, the automatic machine has no advantage in this respect. Then we compare the performance of the two. The manual and automatic operations are the same, so the performance is also very different. Due to the manual operation of the manual machine, a large human error will occur during the detection process, and the accuracy of the manual two-dimensionality will be greatly reduced. Because the manual machine needs to be manually controlled, the detection efficiency is also lower than that of the automatic machine. Unable to meet the needs of a considerable number of customers. We can see from the above that although the price of automatic machines is much higher than that of manual machines, automatic secondary machines can also solve some problems that cannot be solved by manual instruments. Therefore, combined with these factors, it can be seen that the cost-effectiveness of automatic instruments It is higher than the manual image inspection instrument, which is why more people will choose an automatic image measuring instrument.

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