The basic functions of the CMM software

by:Sinowon     2021-05-09

The basic functions of the CMM software about the image measuring instrument. CAD interface: Ternary instrument software can communicate with various CAD files, or can display CAD information in a clear and easy-to-understand way on the screen, and can be controlled by the user to represent the method grid, non-traditional part coordinate system: most gauges Both have the function of finding planes, lines and points, but it can be more difficult to set the part coordinate system when there is an offset reference plane or reference target point group on a complex surface. Software for non-traditional part coordinate systems provides this functionality for complex measurement applications. Graphic feature analysis: The features of the software can evaluate the entire size of the workpiece, so that the number of measurement points defined by known CAD can be compared. A typical example here is the diameter of the probe, which is beyond the scope of this guide. Maybe it can be used as the subject of other guides. Offline programming: In order to use the CNC measuring machine more effectively, especially in the case of mass production, the three-coordinate measuring machine should be used for testing as much as possible. In order to avoid occupying the measuring instrument when developing the measuring program, the user should program offline. Offline programming software allows users to use CAD data to write measurement programs instead of interfering with the measurement tasks of the current measuring machine. Ideally, programs can be downloaded offline. Automatic measurement function: This function can be used for DCC type measuring instruments. The CMM automatically moves to the designated function and acquires the measurement point. The user of the image measuring instrument enters its nominal size to define geometric features, or clicks on the CAD model. If the software does not have this function, the user needs to manually program the probe movement and use the control box to perform the measurement.

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