The characteristics of the automatic two-dimensional image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-10

The characteristics of the image measuring instrument fully automatic two-dimensional image measuring instrument. Automatic secondary image measuring instrument, based on machine vision, automatic edge extraction, automatic physics, automatic focus, measurement synthesis, image synthesis and other artificial intelligence technologies, with automatic direction measurement, CNC automatic measurement, automatic learning batch measurement, image map Target guidance, full-field eagle-eye zoom and other excellent functions. At the same time, based on the automatic focusing process under the control of machine vision and micro-precision, it can meet the needs of auxiliary height measurement under clear contrast, and it can also be added to the contact probe to complete coordinate height measurement. Excellent software performance supports spatial coordinate rotation, batch measurement can be carried out when workpieces are randomly placed, and the fixture can be used for large-scale scanning measurement and SPC result classification. The fully automatic secondary image measuring instrument is an advanced stage of image measurement technology with highly intelligent and automated functions. Its excellent hardware and software performance makes coordinate size measurement convenient. It has an automatic learning function based on machine vision and process control. It can walk on the road of the measurement process, and can concentrate and select according to the high speed and precise micro position of the digital instrument. Points, function switching, manual correction, light matching and other operations are self-learning and memorable. The automatic image measuring instrument can easily learn all the actual operation process of the operator, and combine its automatic focus and area search, target locking, edge extraction and fuzzy calculation of point selection to realize artificial intelligence, which can automatically correct the workpiece Difference and location. The offset caused by the difference can accurately select points with high precision repeatability.

Therefore, the operator can avoid fatigue, frequent selection, repeated walking, function switching and other monotonous operations, as well as precise visual alignment of the increasingly onerous tasks to be tested, and the efficiency of workpiece batching is improved Hundreds of times, it can meet industrial sampling and inspection, and mass testing is necessary.

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