The defence forces acting at sea are crucial to

by:Sinowon     2021-01-01

Boilers, engines, generators and other many other heavy machines and electronics constitute the gamut of equipment on board a ship. Having said that security of a nation is at stake, it is essential that all the marine equipment is always operational and reliable. The marine forces recruit specific technicians and mechanical experts along with engineers for maintenance and upkeep of these machines. Apart from manual specified techniques for each individual machine, treatment against salt water, lubrication and periodic calibration are necessary practices. All these procedures are a prerequisite to decrease unexpected restoration and replacement and to prevent flip-down of machinery.

Getting correct readings and measurements is perhaps the most vital of all when at sea and periodic calibration is the answer to this need. Calibration is the process of adjusting the output of a measuring instrument to coincide with the common value within the specific accuracy range. It is important to preserve power and achieve optimum and efficient machine operation.

Temperature, pressure and velocity are the basic measures of machinery we would be concerned on a ship. One of the most commonly used equipment while at sea is thermocouples, which acts as a pyrometer for continuous measurement of temperature of Main engine, Auxiliary engine, gas turbines etc. In order to retain accuracy over a longer period of time, we need to use thermocouple calibrators. Electrical controls for automation are next most common category of equipment found on board a ship and electrical calibrators would needed for these. There is a lot more marine equipment used on-board such as air compressors and amplifiers etc. for a variety of functions and applications each requiring a specific calibrator for a definite type of calibration viz. pressure calibration, temperature calibration, flow calibration etc.

Complete kits for calibration using pressure and temperature calibrators towards preventive maintenance on-board ships would include the following:

Vacuum hand pump 0 to -1 bar (-15 psi)

Pneumatic hand-pump 0 to 40 bar (600psi)

Hydraulic calibration hand pump 0 to 700 bar

Digital pressure gauges

High accuracy pressure calibrator

Temperature calibrator

Electrical volts and current multimeter

Multi-function calibrator

Every ship should have a basic version of this kit on-board and all engineers and maintenance workers are trained in the use of these tools.

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