The development of instruments and meters under modern manufacturing

by:Sinowon     2021-04-25

To talk about the development of instruments and meters under modern manufacturing, it has not been long or short to enter this industry.

Looking at history, analyzing the status quo, and looking forward to the future, we can come up with the following conclusions: In the future, traditional instruments and meters will continue to move towards high performance, high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, high reliability, high environmental protection and The long-lived six highs and one long direction develop. New instrumentation and components will move towards miniaturization (miniaturization), integration, complete sets, electronics, digitization, multi-function, intelligence, networking, computerization, comprehensive automation, and opto-mechanical and electrical integration; in Services are developed in the direction of professionalization, simplicity, maintenance-free, assembly production automation, dust-free (or ultra-clean), and large-scale development. Among them, the dominant, core or key role is miniaturization, intelligence and networking.

As a type of instrument, the overall development trend of optical measuring instruments is the same. High performance, high precision, high stability, high reliability and long life are highly regarded by manufacturers and are getting more and more The more customer support is the root cause. With the miniaturization of the product manufacturing industry, the advantages of optical measuring instruments have become prominent. When the integration of manufacturing reaches a certain bottleneck, the inspection and evaluation through image magnification allows designers to rethink the meaning of fine integration in a higher and broader field.

In this background and situation, higher, newer, and more requirements have been continuously placed on instruments and meters, such as faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample volume, Detection of micro-destructive or even non-destructive, more convenient to use, lower cost, no pollution, etc., but also provides a strong impetus for the development of instrumentation technology and industry, and has become the material, knowledge and technical foundation for the further development of instrumentation. In particular, it needs to be pointed out that in the past 10 years, due to the research results of nano-level precision machinery, molecular level modern chemistry research results, genetic level biological research results, and high-precision super-performance special functional materials research results and global integration The emergence of a large number of contemporary newer technological achievements, including the popularization and application of temperature transmitter network technology, has caused a fundamental change in the field of instrumentation. Through analysis, it can be seen that high-tech is not only the main feature of modern instrumentation, but also the only way to revitalize the instrumentation industry, and it is also the mainstream of the development of instrumentation and its industry in the new century.

The era of automated inspection of optical measuring instruments is here. It’s time to abandon the traditional and old manual measurement methods and put wings in modern manufacturing, so that your company can take the lead in the fierce market competition. The world of technology is advanced detection technology.

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