The development trend and technical characteristics of today's instrumentation of image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-05
The development trend and technical characteristics of today's instrumentation of image measuring instrument. The current development trend of instrumentation and measurement control is: facing the continuous improvement of product stability, reliability and adaptability requirements; continuously improving technical indicators and functions; taking the lead in adopting new scientific research results; adopting high-tech; instrumentation and measurement and control The miniaturization and intelligence of the unit are becoming more and more obvious; the instrument and the measurement and control unit can be used independently, and can be used with embedded remote magnetic level gauges and networking; the measurement and control range of the instrument is extended to three-dimensional, globalized, and networked Development;

The technical characteristics are: on the basis of studying the relevant types of sensors, integrating various new technologies, instrumentation components, materials and technologies, and innovatively developing new weak signal sensitivity, sensing, detection, and fusion technologies, Material atomic and molecular level detection technology, combined analysis technology of complex component samples, on-site life science, on-site, real-time, online, high-sensitivity, high-throughput, high-selectivity glass tube level gauge detection technology, creating a variety of new types of detection Instruments; combined with the development of system theory and control theory, on the basis of online analysis and control, in-situ analysis and control, high reliability, high performance and high adaptability of industrial automation measurement and control, innovative development of industrial automation instruments and control systems Combining the development of life sciences and humanities, on the basis of health diagnosis monitoring, early diagnosis and treatment, non-destructive diagnosis, non-invasive and low-invasive direct vision diagnosis and treatment, and precise positioning treatment technology, the development of medical instruments for medical diagnosis and treatment ; At the same time tracking the development of new disciplines and various application fields, various special, fast, automatic detection and measurement technology of image measuring instruments and the development of special instruments.

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