The development trend of image measuring instrument about three-coordinate measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-10

The development trend of image measuring instrument on three-coordinate measuring instrument. The basic concept of coordinate measuring machine In modern coordinate measuring technology, it is necessary to establish the actual visible coordinate system through mechanical means, and then use coordinate notation to correspond to the measuring point one by one, and then rely on the spatial geometric relationship to obtain the required measurement value. For example, in a coordinate measuring instrument, we use the platform of the measuring instrument as the reference plane to establish a mechanical coordinate system, use the coordinate value of the measured point on the surface of the workpiece to be measured, and project it in the space coordinate system to create the workpiece.

Space model, using the space model of the workpiece, CMM can calculate the required geometric parameters. This technology is widely used in the measurement field to determine the size of the hardware in residents’ lives and integrate the industrial The geometric measurement of machines and vehicles is applied to various coordinate measuring instruments. As a more advanced modern measuring machine, this coordinate measuring machine is favored by most factories due to its superior performance. Coordinate measuring machines are widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries. CMM is one of the more effective methods to measure and obtain dimensional data, because it can replace various surface measurement tools and expensive combination meters, and it will be complicated The time required for the measurement task is reduced from a few hours to a few minutes, which cannot be achieved by other instruments.

After nearly 50 years of development, CMM has now tended to high-speed, high-precision, new materials and other trends. The use of computer technology, sensor technology and precision machinery in industrial production has promoted the rapid development of CMM. The three-coordinate measuring method of measuring instrument is widely used in machinery, automobile, aviation, military, mold and other industries. It ends the tasks of part viewing, shape measurement and process control, and the ultra-precision processing and scientific research produced by modern industry on the three-coordinate display technology Put forward new requirements.

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