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by:Sinowon     2019-12-26
Dog days in the summer will come soon, followed by complaints about indoor air quality every six months: from \"I can\'t breathe \"(
As far as we know, it lasts about three minutes at most)
\"Grow mushrooms from the carpet \"(
Given that no one uses sterile, compost horse dung as a floor covering, this is an amazing revelation).
While a highly humid environment is often the culprit, the subjectivity of the explanation tends to turn the inspector\'s quiet day into a nightmare.
We found that a little objectivity can be seen through the \"eyes\" of humidity --
Measuring instruments, perhaps with a little bit of a science theater, can even reassure the loudest complainant --
Or at least get some time until rescue workers can be called. Humidity-
The measuring instrument has various shapes and works in various ways.
To a large extent, larger digital batteries
Operating unit costs approximately $200 (
Add about $100 extra to programmable instruments and instruments with Dew
Point measurement capability).
Reliable, oldManual production
The cost of operating the sling psych wet meter is about $100 (the lazy-
Unit of person with battery-
About $50 operating fan)
, And the latest type of device, digital pen-
The pocket moisture meter is about $50.
We found that all units do credible work, but those units with the greatest utility are also the lightest and most portable units.
Remember, well-
In response to complaints about indoor air quality, health care equipment is equipped and many tools need to be carried.
This Arsenal can include a few air. flow-
In addition to the carbon dioxide monitor, ultraviolet (UV)
Lamps for detecting molds on fabric and other porous surfaces, dial thermometers, and anything else suitable for this situation.
After all the humidity is processed
Measuring equipment, we tend to use the sling moisture meter and pen
Pocket moisture meter
And these types happen to be the cheapest.
We want to say a little to any other devices before we turn them off. (
As they are more suitable for winter surveys, we will review them in more depth in the upcoming issue).
The size of the digital temperature humidity meter is about the size of the standard sound meter, usually hard-
Side suitcase.
The device has the advantage of a sensor probe that can enter between the inlet area of the ventilation system and the diffuser blade to measure humidity.
The digital temperature humidity meter has an error margin of 2% in the humidity range of 10% to 95%.
All units of this type are equipped with large LCD readings ,[degrees]F/ [degrees]
C switch, min/max memory and auto power-off.
The standard battery is used for all batteries and is gentle for about a year.
We found that sensor probes are not required to measure comfort during the summer.
Our goal is to turn subjective observation into objective measurement.
Wet and not so wet-
And has a certain relative accuracy.
To do this, we need to be where the humidity has an impact, and for that, we find that portability exceeds complexity.
In our institutional practice, the unit that gets the most exercise is the pen
Pocket temperature humidity meter.
The error in both measurements was only 3%.
In the best case, measurements are made where the air movement can be detected, because the humidity contact on the head of the protected sensor provides a capacitance converted into a temperature and humidity percentage reading.
The device needs to be exposed a little more than two minutes to stabilize and produce credible results.
When measuring humidity in cold storage and food
Processing room, allowing the unit to enter the environmental conditions before reading.
In rare cases, we questioned the accuracy of these devices and used the sling psych moisture meter to confirm the reading.
We are unable to determine what the environment or operating conditions are making these pocket moisture meters a bit unstable;
Our best advice is to let your intuition judge.
Even with this failure, these convenient, affordable, sturdy and durable instruments are very useful in the field.
The units we evaluated are about three years old and remain strong on the same set of batteries.
What you lose in the battery economy, you make up for it in your life.
Finally, these pocket-sized thermomoisture meters are factory-set and do not require on-site calibration, although it is prudent to regularly compare the readings with the sling moisture meter.
The sling moisture meter is as old as the sealed glass thermometer.
We have an elegant English.
Probably the brass moisture meter made at the end of this century. it still works!
These measuring devices are simple to operate and very low maintenance and have been standard since development.
Our sling moisture meter consists of two parallel framesmounted, 30 [degrees]F to 110 [degrees]F, 4-
Inch glass thermometer (with 1 [degrees]gradations);
The bulb of one of the thermometers is covered with water
Saturated cloth core.
In order to prevent the accumulation of salt, we prefer to use salt water.
The device is designed to rotate, and after one to two minutes of continuous rotation, the difference between the wet ball and the dry ball reading will give you the temperature of evaporation.
Compare wet and dry ball readings with psychometric maps that provide relative humidity by percentage (%RH).
For accuracy, please read the wet ball as soon as possible.
By the way, these units are essentially accurate if the liquid in the thermometer is not separated.
Also, while the air pressure has some effect on the accuracy, its effect is usually not enough to cause a reading error.
For several reasons, the individual unit we choose is Bacharach (**)
Sling moisture meter.
This psymeter is probably the most portable of all devices.
It\'s in a high
Protective thermometer, impact plastic cylinder with reservoir and used as sliding rule diagram;
In addition, the external holding tube connected to the inner body through the plugand-
Can be used as a rotating component of the rotating handle.
Light weight, compact, sturdy, whole self
Contains 1 inch by 8 inch unit measures, just over 3 ounces in weight.
To use this instrument, simply slide the external holding box to extend beyond the internal frame connected by the thermometer.
The shell becomes a rotating handle.
When the unit is reassembled, the external holding tube and the internal body form two sliders
Read the regular scale of relative humidity, so there is no need to carry a separate psychometric chart.
Bacharach instruments are equipped with mercury-
Fill the thermometer or red for safety-spirit-
Fill the thermometer.
In the company\'s guidance guide, all parts of the unit are listed and all parts can be replaced if damaged or worn out.
There is no need to stock up on extra parts as the Bacharach person is the fastest person to place an order.
These units have been in war for a year, but everyone we know who owns the Bacharach sling psymeter is never in trouble.
Design has not changed over the years.
Our unit is about 15 years old and is often used.
While keeping some of the numbers on the Tube getting blurry, the device can still be used as it was on the day of purchase.
As a final note
And explain the mystery of drama in the first paragraph.
Sling psymeter provides the best scientific performance for any investigation.
Everyone who sees the rotation is fascinated by it, and many onlookers will volunteer to do the rotation.
Of course, this always provides an excellent opportunity for some education, and more importantly, it indicates to the complainant that \"something\" is being done \".
It has to work if it looks like a fan-
Is it feeling good now? * The pen-
Pocket moisture meters can be obtained through the most scientific catalogue of instruments.
* Bacharach, Inc.
625 Alfa Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2878 (412)963-
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