The jaw crusher is widely used in the sand and

by:Sinowon     2020-12-29

User in the maintenance of the jaw crusher installation and removal is usually necessary operations. Therefore, the user grasp the correct installation method to uninstall is necessary. Zhengzhou Hongxing jaw crusher manufacturer based on user feedback, our technical staff will provide users of the summary and the exchange of the jaw crusher in the removal procedure.

For jaw crusher, the most frequent repair is the replacement of thrust plate thrust plate removed broken confidential rod overall operation must follow the steps:

1. wrung out the duty bolt; then cut off the glycerin lube tube;

2. the thrust plate hanging on the crane lifting hook or other lifting equipment;

3. before the final release the horizontal rod section of the spring movable jaw pulled the fixed jaw direction, remove the thrust plate.

Spindle of jaw crusher should be a pulley and flywheel removed. Motor together with the belt along the rails as much as possible closer to the crusher, remove the V-belt, and then use the crane to mention the axis, the demolition of the moving jaw must cut off the dry oil lube tube, remove the bearing cap and then use the crane or other lifting equipment, movable jaw pulled out.

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