The main function of a strain gauge is to measure

by:Sinowon     2020-12-30

As the world moving towards an era of mechanization and globalization, there is a strong need of measuring equipment to keep these machines work smoothly. The stress imposed by heat and environment upon the material component of all the machines that power our lives do not in themselves cause break downs but are the reasons that will certainly results in faults. A large pool of engineers makes the use of various measuring equipments to measure stress in mechanical components.

A strain gauge is a resistance-based sensor widely used by mechanical engineers. Strain doses not formally have a unit of measurement, but for reference purposes, a customized unit of measurement is used. Engineers measure stress in mechanical components using a range of means. As the variations in length are very small, the unit of change used is expressed as 10 to the power of six, to provide logical readings.

There are different types of sensors available in the market. The metal foil gauge consists of a length of thin metal wire wound around a grid called a matrix. This is linked to a metal backing and then bonded to the object where measurement in required. The gauge is fixed with the line in which stress will take place. Depending on the wire lengthens or compresses, the measures are being taken.

Optical sensors are generally made of glass, of various thicknesses. Fibres with a core of 5 micrometers are wrapped by a layer of pure glass with a diameter of 125 micrometers. Various reflection points generate optical effects. As these gauges are insensitive to electromagnetic fields they are extremely useful in explosive environments.

Configurations of gauges can be designed to measure different strains that might apply to objects of different sizes and components. The measurement of stress can not only be done by mechanical instruments but thermal as well. The pressure applied to continuously welded railway lines occur vertically, longitudinally and laterally. . Configurations of various instruments can provide vitally important data for maintenance crews, and help to ensure the safety of long distance and high speed trains.

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