The main technical parameters of the seamless steel tube flattening test machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-13
The GYB-2000 microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo steel pipe flattening test machine is a compressive strength test specially developed by the testing machine factory for steel pipe flattening tests. The control mode adopts an intelligent expert setting system, and users can compile the test process according to their actual requirements. Control mode, complete the test automatically. The steel pipe flattening test machine can realize continuous loading and maintaining the function of keeping balance under arbitrary load. There is no shock or vibration during the test, and it has good reading stability. The test process can be simulated and reproduced. Fully meet the standard of 'GB/T246-2017 Metallic Material Pipe Flattening Test Method'.
Main technical parameters
1. The maximum test force is 2000kN
2. Indication accuracy ±1%
3. Resolution of test force 0.01kN
4. Hydraulic pump rated pressure 25MPa
5. Piston stroke 700mm
6. The maximum distance between the upper and lower platens is 700mm
7. Upper and lower platen size 800*800mm
8. Motor power 4kW
9. Net weight about 8500kg
10. Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 2320mmx2320mmx2495mm
The steel tube flattening test machine adopts special software and high-precision electro-hydraulic servo valve control, drives precision hydraulic cylinders, and carries out multiple modes of automatic control of test force, displacement and deformation. It can be equipped with different accessories to complete the Compressive testing of samples of various materials and specifications.
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