The material composition of each part of the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine

by:Sinowon     2021-05-18

The material composition of each part of the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. The material of the fixed part of the coordinate measuring machine: The fixed part of the coordinate measuring machine needs to have good rigidity and has little deformation due to temperature and humidity. The deformation of the required structure is only linear, so it is easy to compensate by software, the structure is simple and the cost is low. The fixed parts of small and medium-sized bridge measuring machines, especially most of the workbench, usually prefer granite, steel or cast iron, and the lower part is made of aluminum alloy motor support and transmission support; coupled with rigidity, the entire structure is such as granite and guide rails. Large gantry measuring machine, the fixed part of the horizontal arm measuring machine, mainly made of steel, cast iron or granite. Material machine for moving parts of coordinate measurement: It is hoped that the moving parts are light in weight, the inertial force generated during high-speed and high-acceleration movement is small, and the deformation is small. Especially for scanning measurement, the error caused by the dynamic deformation of the structure is very important. There are many requirements for the performance of the material, such as thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, and light weight. At present, no single material can fully meet all requirements, but due to the development of computer software compensation technology, manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines pay more attention to new materials such as aluminum alloy and ceramics. Currently, aluminum alloy and ceramic materials are mainly used for the power part of the measuring machine. These two types of materials have their own advantages and can be used in different occasions. Aluminum alloy: Due to its high thermal conductivity, it is suitable for use in environments with large temperature gradients and temperature changes. The aluminum surface is formed by hard anodic oxidation treatment, which has high hardness and is therefore wear-resistant. Reasonable structural design, its deformation is mainly limited to the shrinkage of the heat source, to avoid bending or twisting, and then use software temperature compensation to reduce the impact of temperature changes on the accuracy of the measuring machine. Due to its light weight, the aluminum material of the two-dimensional imager is very suitable for the moving parts of the bridge structure measuring machine. Ceramics and composite materials: small thermal expansion system, high hardness, thin-walled parts can be made by sintering process, light weight, but the material itself is more expensive, more important than aluminum material, difficult to process after molding, mainly used for temperature gradients The work environment has changed a lot.

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