The operation steps of the impact sample cryostat, the method of using the cryostat—Jinan Liangong

by:Sinowon     2021-07-21
As a professional manufacturer of testing equipment, the CDW series compressor refrigeration shock sample cryograph produced by it can refrigerate any temperature from room temperature to -100 ℃, and the temperature control accuracy is as high as 0.5 ℃. Because of its superior temperature control accuracy, wide cooling range and good durability, it has won unanimous praise from many users. The specific operation steps of the impact sample cryogenic tank are as follows, please read it carefully.
1. Add an appropriate amount of cooling medium to the cooling tank, such as absolute ethanol or other antifreeze
2. Put the clean samples in the sample basket in order and put them into the cooling tank of the impact sample cryostat.
3. After confirming that the power supply is under the specified voltage and grounding safety, and all parts of the equipment are normally turned on; switch.
4. The temperature control meter is powered on, and press the temperature setting key (set) to enter the temperature setting state. Press the plus, minus and move keys to set the temperature. After setting the required temperature, press the set button to return to normal operation and memorize the parameter value.
5. Turn on the stirring; switch to check whether the cooling medium in the cooling tank of the low-temperature tank has good fluidity.
6, finally turn on the refrigeration; switch.
7. When the medium in the cooling tank is close to the set temperature, the constant temperature heating device works and the indicator light flashes; when the set temperature is reached, the automatic alarm device sounds, and the thermostat starts to record the time and displays the constant temperature time , The operator can turn off the alarm when hearing the news; switch, when the thermostat displays the required constant temperature time, the sample can be taken out for impact test.
8. After the test, turn off the stirring; switch, refrigeration; switch and power supply; switch.
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