The question has always been to lease or buy and

by:Sinowon     2020-06-18
So, instead of spending money to buy equipment, many companies have reverted back to outsourcing using third party equipment distributors. Renting is tax deductible and allows for the use of new equipment without sacrificing profit margins. Purchased equipment might not be utilized enough throughout the fiscal year to justify the purchase(s) and products are often viewed as a variable expense that affects bottom line financials. Many companies prefer to retain their cash rather than make a capital investment into a high-priced product, and those who do, usually see the key benefits to renting their equipment and reducing their operating expenses. Renting equipment is a very attractive option for businesses of all sizes. As corporations begin to further tighten the reins on their baseline expenses, there are companies providing the solution that can help reduce a company's financial risks, free up much needed capital and help eliminate the 'hidden' costs associated with purchases. Leasing companies also provide the option to purchase the equipment at current market value at the end of the lease, and they can set up easier and more flexible payment method that can depend both on the use and from revenues generated by the equipment. Bringing expensive gear on line becomes much more palatable to corporate controllers when they understand that the company can reallocate the cost. Rather than dealing with a fixed capital expense showing up on your P & L (with the added cost of depreciation), renting is an expense only. Furthermore, corporate concerns about upgrade problems associated with a product becoming obsolete are mitigated by the fact that the company is not keeping the equipment long-term. And they can save their working capital as well as lines of credit. And there are benefits including higher tax savings if the equipment is leased in the United States. There are many types of medical equipment available for lease at Synergy Medical Corporation: MRI scanners, ultrasound equipment, anesthesia machines, patient monitoring, Zeiss, AccuScope, DRE, and Leica microscopes, surgical headlights, lead aprons and even surgical table accessories. More information on zeiss microscopes, and surgical medical equipment:www.synergymedcorp.com
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