The structure design of JWJ-3 sheet metal/strip repeated bending test machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-17
JWJ-3 sheet metal repeated bending tester is used for repeated bending test of sheet metal/strip thickness ≤3mm (other specifications can be customized according to the actual situation) to test that the metal sheet can withstand plastic deformation during repeated bending Performance. It is mainly composed of a host computer and an electrical measurement and control system. It adopts mechanical transmission, applies a test torque to repeatedly bend the sample, and uses a photoelectric switch to detect the number of bending tests. After the sample is broken, it will stop automatically, the pendulum rod will be reset, the LCD meter will automatically display, and the number of bending tests will be recorded.
Structural design of sheet metal repeated bending test machine
The main engine is driven by a motor to drive the worm and worm gear pair to decelerate through a belt pulley, and then a crank pendulum mechanism drives a cylindrical gear transmission. The cylindrical gear drives the pendulum rod to rotate at ±90°, so that the guide sleeve on the pendulum rod drives the sample to make The bending of ±90° achieves the purpose of the test. The cylindrical gear is equipped with a counting device, and the photoelectric switch collects a signal every time the sample is bent, so that the purpose of counting is achieved.
After the test, if the pendulum bar does not stop to the middle position, press the reset button, and another photoelectric switch collects the signal to restore the pendulum bar to the middle position. The swing lever is equipped with a shift lever, and the shift lever is equipped with guide plates with different thicknesses. For samples of different thicknesses, the shift lever is adjusted to different heights and different guide plates are used.
The developed sheet metal repeated bending tester is equipped with a sample holding device under the pendulum rod. For samples of different thicknesses, replace the corresponding jaws and guide plates (the jaws and guide plates are marked). If wires are added to the later samples, it is only necessary to add a suitable wire fixture to complete the repeated bending test of the wire, without the need to repurchase equipment.
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