The swimming pool in your house is the place to

by:Sinowon     2020-06-25
Three factors are to be considered when it comes to cleaning the swimming pool. They are checking the water for hardness, pH level and finally the alkalinity of water. It is enough if you spend couple of hours on weekend for thoroughly cleaning the pool. You can also actively engage your children for removing the debris and dried leaves which floats on water. You should buy skimming net and a pool vacuum cleaner before beginning the process of cleaning. Using the skimming net, you can remove all the debris and floating dirt and impurities from the water. You need not have to waste time on collecting each and every leaf and flowers from the pool. Once you are satisfied that all the particles on the surface are cleared, now it is time to clean the walls and floor of the swimming pool. Use mild detergent to scrub the walls and floors thoroughly, after emptying the entire water. By doing this, you can remove the algae and fungus which grows on the inner surface of the water. For scrubbing purpose, you need to use a long handled brush available in your bathroom. The pool will look beautiful and clean after you finished pool cleaning in Jacksonville, thoroughly. For finding the hardness of water you can use any of the testing kit available in the market. If it shows that the water is harder than the optimal level, add sodium hexametaphosphate to the water. If you have already tested for hardness and alkalinity, it is enough if you do swimming pool cleaning, Jacksonville. But sometimes, there will be change of alkaline nature in water after rainy season and winter. Check the water for optimal alkalinity level (100-120 ppm). Add suitable chemicals of acid or base to get the desired range. Using a pH tester, find out the pH level of the water. Finally add chlorine to prevent bacterial growth.
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