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by:Sinowon     2020-05-23
For those of you new to the franchise, Crysis goes on the trail of a crack team of nano-suited super soldiers who go for a customary search and rescue mission on an island in the South China Sea. Naturally, this 'routine' turns out to be lots of Korean People's Army (KPA) soldiers and a group of nasty old aliens. Despite being totally outnumbered, things are tilted slightly back in your favour thanks to a suit that enables you to cloak, run extremely quickly and leap great heights. However, even if you thought you were a dab hand at destruction in Crysis 2, you will find that the original title is far from a walkover. You might feel like Predator stalking prey from the undergrowth, but the apparent binocular sight of the KPA will mess you up. Such an open location and limited power interval means mastering guerrilla warfare is the only way to stay alive. Crisis still remains an intense, challenging and awe-inspiring shooter, even if critics have mentioned they may just be a little upset that multiplayer has been left out. Definetly an experience well worth the money you pay for it. If you enjoy first person shooting games, then this is certainly one you will enjoy. Don't forget, if you have your eye on buying Crysis, the perfect way to find out more information on prices is to check out a game price comparison site. Here you will be able to view the prices for the game from more than one games store. This is great as it will enable you to save time as you wont have to venture out into town and visit numerous different stores to find the most appropriate price for the game and a game price comparison site can help save you some good money. Also, it is the ideal place to pre-order your copy of the game if you do want to go ahead with obtaining the game. Once you have have found the best price, you can then just go straight through to the online vendor and make your order. These sites are ideal for finding the best offer and giving you various options, You can also find cheap ps3 games and cheap xbox games while you are there looking too. So not only can you find a great price on Crysis, but you can also save yourself enough money to jam in some cheap ps3 games or cheap xbox games! Games can make great affordable gifts so why dont you visit a game price comparison website and save yourself some money and find a great deal for yourself or a family member. Find a great deal they will never forget at http://www.thegamesurplus.com
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